15 December 2006

Sharing a Pattern

No new item for the challenge today.

I just want to wish everyone Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. And since this is the time for giving I am sharing one of my patterns here. It is the beaded rings-only snowflake which I posted for the challenge a while ago. Here is the pic again.

R = ring
SR = Split ring
+ = join
^ = small picot
C = Chain
o = beaded picot
RW = reverse work
DNR = Do Not Reverse
SS = Switch Shuttle

String 43 beads onto Shuttle 1,and 7 beads onto Shuttle 2. I would normally add a few beads extra, just to be safe.

Sh 1:
R1(4 o 4^4 o 4) cl R, DNR

The next step between (* - * )describes the self-closing-mock-ring (SCMR)
(*) Using Shuttle 2;
- C(4 o 2), SS
- R2(5 o 5), cl R and SS
- C(2 o 2), SS
- R3(5 o 5), cl R and SS
- C(2 o 2), SS
- R4(5 o 5) cl R and SS
- C(2 o 4) (*)
Close the SCMR
Sh 1:
SR5(4 o 4/4 o 4)
Repeat (* -*) for the next point of the snowflake, joining R2 to picot of R4 instead of adding the bead to the picot.
Make three more repeats .

For the last repeat, join the SCMR to the to the sp of R1 to complete the motif.
Just post a note if you need explanations with the instructions; this has not been tested-out yet.

5 December 2006

No. 19/25 - Doily Motif

This is a motif that I will be using to make a doily or table-runner as a tat-along, together with a small group from my local tatting circle.
The base motif, the daisy is made using one shuttle. I started out with the idea of making a circular doily, but when I joined up the daisies together and then joined it up with the rings and chains, it looked better as a square.
Now I am contemplating whether to stick with this square and join up more of it together. Or expanding it with more rounds but sticking with the square shape; but I can't seem to get new ideas to fit into the design.
I wonder whether this is common. You know, somehow you manage to come up with a design that you are very satisfied with and can't seem to go any further with it.

29 November 2006

No. 18/25 - A Medallion

Another motif to add to the challenge. This medallion has centre rings that come out from SCMRs that form the centre ring in the clovers.
I tried making another one without the centre rings, because I felt that it looked crowded with the rings in it. But I couldn't make the circle with the same number of rings. It somehow needed more than 12 repeats, so I abandoned it. I couldn't figure out why!

20 November 2006

No.17/25 - One-Shuttle Heart

I was twiddling with my shuttle which has some thread in it, contemplating what to make with the balance of the thread, and came up with this small heart.
It is made with one shuttle, and that include the split ring which is holding the free ring at the tip. I learned the technique of one-shuttle split ring in one of Georgia's Online classes when we discussed Martha Ess' Wheel Bookmark.
If you look carefully you might see Mickey Mouse in there somewhere, LOL!

15 November 2006

No. 16/25 - An Oriental Touch

When I completed this bookmark, I thought that the round motif looked like a Chinese coin, the type with a square hole in the centre - hence the name.

This was done with three strand DMC embroidery thread. The motif can be made individually, which allows it to be worked in more that one colour. Or, in a continous flow.

If making in one colour, the whole length of 8 yds of thread (in 3 strands) loads two shuttles enough for one piece, with some leftover to make the tassle at the end.

11 November 2006

An Edging

I started working on an edging for a scarf that my mother gave me. It a plain white one, so I thought I'd give some colour to it by working it in this DMC Dentelles. This is the finest thread that I have ever worked with, but the result is quite good (for me at least). It will be quite a long one and I have completed about 20cm of it, not even reached a quarter of it.

So this will be one long WIP, while I try to come up with other pieces for the challenge.

p/s - what name is usually given to a completed tatting work? - a tatted piece? tatted collar, doily, etc.? tatting? tats? tatties? Just wondering......

4 November 2006

No. 15/25 - An Attempt with Mignonette Style

I have put on hold my attempt of the motif with the onion ring join (because I am still not satisfied with the way it turned out), and instead worked on this one.

This is my first attempt with this mignonette style. I find this to be an interesting style working with one shuttle, though in this case, it was not entirely done with one shuttle. I used two shuttles to make the 6-pt star in the centre. The other rounds were made using one shuttle, though I maintained the two shuttles throughout, just for the convenience of jumping to the next round without having to cut the thread.

I also made the mistake of not properly gauging the ring size of the motif for the last round, and ended with a fuller last round. I have not blocked the doily when I scanned this, and I think you can see the rings being squished together a bit when pressed by the scanner cover.

However, all things considered, I am quite happy with this one.

Let me have your address

Which one? How often have you answered that request with such a question? The first thing that come to mind would be the e-mail address.

But... I just wondered... would you know a friend's, or even family members's house address? To be honest, I don't know the address of my sister's house even though I have been there countless times. And often, when you are going to visit friends, as you approach the residential area, you make a quick call to your friend to get the full address. Sounds familiar?

Well, everything is all hi-tech today. All notes, addresses, reminders, and what-nots are stored in electronic form, in cell-phones, laptops, PDAs. All are still gadgets that can break down, or easily stolen. And when they are not available we become helpless, don't know where to turn to if there is no back-up somewhere.

So, I decided to get the old-fashioned address book to keep as my back-up. I went out shopping for one today, the paper type where you have to write in it with a pen or pencil. Remember that one? I was looking for a simple one, nothing fancy , so I thought I can find one easily enough when I went grocery-shopping in Carrefour this morning. And guess what? I couldn't find it anywhere in the store. I guess people don't use those things anymore, sigh ....

But the fact is, I already have an address book, but it is too beautiful to spoil with my unsightly handwriting. Here is a picutre of its cover.

This was given to me when I was in Japan years ago (when I was lucky enough to be sent by my employer to Japan, to visit our counterpart there). The cover is a lacquerwork, inserted with the artform called Chokin. The description in the book states something like this:

The art of Chokin was introduced in the 6th century to decorate Shrines & Temples and was used to decorate Samurai armors, swords, helmets, etc. in the later years. This elegant art of Chokin is created by using the ancient technique of etching copper plates and gilding gold and silver.

The address book is still wrapped in its original packaging. Now you understand why I need to get another address book.

Comments received for this posts
Barbara said...
Hahaha! That's a funny write-up on the an Address Book. How about making one instead? Like scrap booking or something. I won't use the Japanese address book too, it looks too elegant for just addresses :)
Faizon said...
Yeah, sure BJ, if I am ever any good at scrap-booking! My last resort will be the 'buku tiga lima'. Remember that one too?
Bhavani said...
Just came across you blog today. Oh my! It was a real feast going through it. Good health and cheer to you and your family. Bhavani

27 October 2006

Experiencing Designer's Block - so, old stuff to share

Have taken a break from tatting for over a week, went over to my in-laws for some festive celebrations. Since I came back, I have not been able to come up with new designs for the challenge. I was working on something while trying to use the onion ring join in the design, but all my attempts have come to nothing so far.

So here is an old piece that I made some time back. It is a star design made up of 3-ring clovers of various sizes This piece is made in one round, working each point one by one as I worked round it.

This is not part of the challenge. But I kind of missed posting to the blog, so I dug up some old stuff just to share with everyone. Am I getting addicted to the challenge or what? LOL!

20 October 2006

No 14/25 - Daisy Star

This is what I managed to some up with last night, using the daisy picot instructions that Riet had given earlier. Thank you again Riet.

I am not really happy with it, I think it can be better. There are some uneveness in the size of the daisy picots which hopefully with improve with lots more practise. Also, since I am using two colours, there are lots of SLTs taking place which I think was not very neatly done. They may be quite obvious to some. Hey ... it was approaching midnight and I was still working on this! ... excuses, .. excuses :-)

October 30, 2006

I said I was not happy with my first attempt of the design using daisy picots, so I made it again. I think it looked better the 2nd time round. I have also modified the steps so that I have less SLT to make. Here it is in comparison to the 1st attempt.

15 October 2006

No. 13/25 - Rings-Only Snowflake

.... well .. they all look like rings!

A beaded snowflake this time, made using the techniques of self-closing mock ring and split rings. Not sure whether I may have gone a bit too much with the beads though. It looks rather crowded - if you know what I mean.

This is a small piece, only about 2 inches or 5.5 cm across.

17 October, 06
Thank you to for commenting on my snowflake.

In response to your queries, this was tatted with Flora size 20 - don't know the beads size (not very good on that one, as long as I can fit the thread in, it's okay with me, LOL). And, I agree with Hope that it would look really nice in icy blue

I have not written up the instructions for this yet. It will have to be another visual pattern I guess, because I don't know the notation for SCMR.

10 October 2006

Pattern for the Blue Heart

Thank you for your comments on my blue Heart design. And to be asked for the pattern is another compliment indeed. So, I am drawing up a pattern here for anyone who is interested, esp Donna. But I must warn you that this is the first time that I am putting up a visual pattern, drawn on a PC. Please excuse me if there are parts that may not come out right. I will try to clarify any points that you are not sure of.

Each daisy is made up of five rings with this count (3-4-4-3), and the next ring is (3+4-4-3) joined to the last picot of the previous ring.
The outline of the heart is made up of chains, shuttle-joined to the picots on the rings that are pointing outwards.
The numbers along the chains indicate the number of picots in the chain seperated by two ds and each chain section starts with one ds, i.e. 7 means (1-2-2-2-2-2-2-1). This count is repeated for the other half of the heart.

And, for the joining of the daisies, you may have to refer to tha actual photo, because I couldn't draw the daisies that well to show where they join to each other.

11 October, 06

Some clarification about the pattern above.
1. The heart is made in two rounds, Rnd 1 is making all the daisies and Rnd 2 is making the chains around it.
2. To make using the split ring method, start with the daisy in the middle, work up and around in clockwise direction, joining the daisies as you go. the final daisy is joined to the second daisy made.
3. To make the chain, join the thread to the shared picot (between two rings) in the top middle daisy, and work round it clockwise.

I hope this is clearer now.

9 October 2006

No. 12/25 - The Heart is Blue

I got the idea for this from Barbara, when she mentioned that she uses the leftover threads on her shuttle to make the centres of motifs that she is planning to do next or in the near future.

This heart is made out of daisies joined together to form the heart-shape. It can be made entirely with split-rings as I have made here or individually, as and when there is some balance of the thread in the shuttle. The outline is made of chains, joining all the outer picots to emphasise the shape of the heart.

Then again, if I had done it in red or variegated red, it could easily be a strawberry!

30 September 2006

No. 11/25 - 7-point 'Wiggly'

I am calling my 11th motif the Wiggly, so because of the effects in the chains. I got the idea for it after looking at Mark's motifs using the lockstitch chain (LSC). The wiggly chain is basically a sequence of lockstitches, made up of two ds with a picot in between.

22 September 2006

No. 10/25 - Green and Red Bookmark

My latest entry to the challenge - another bookmark, also in two colours.

I had planned to put another round to it, that is why the picots on the outer chains are as they are. When I finished it, I kept looking at it for a while, wondering what design I should make for the outer round. Made a few tries but it caused the bookmark to be wider that I would have liked it to be.

In the end I just left it as it is. If I had not planned for another round, I could have made the picots larger and more decorative. Maybe it will not be the end. I will keep looking at it and see if new ideas pop up.

If I put two black dots at the top and a point at the bottom, it might look like a caterpillar - just a thought, LOL.

16 September 2006

No. 9/25 - Five-point star

This five-point star did not start this way.
I began with this green one and it turned out into a square instead. Then, I thought, increasing the ds count in the centre ring might expand it a bit and will have allowance for one more point. But a bigger inner ring-size will not match well with the outer rings. Instead, I just play about with the placements of the picots in the inner rings and it came out just right. Amazing, what a difference a picot made.

With some white thread still on the shuttle, I made something else, and it turned ou to be one of those rare times when is clicked on the first attempt. It is a frill that can be added as decoration on a cookie jar or something similar.

11 September 2006

No. 8/25 - Crowning Hearts

This is my second heart design. My daughter gave the idea for the name - she said it looks like a crown.

I started with wanting to have two interlocking hearts, but the first attempt didn't turn out very nice. The piece did not hold it's shape and tend to go lop-sided.

I learned something while making this. A good thread is really worth it. Like Lori, I have some cheapo thread that I use for designing purposes. In fact, the first few attempts of this motif was using that thread. When I felt happy with the design, I use the DMC Cordonnet for what I though would be the final one. But along the way, I made some changes, and had to unpicked certain portions a few times. But the thread remain good, without much fraying where I had unpicked it.

So, it is really worth paying for good thread. But the problem that I have locally is the dificulty in getting good quality thread. What we have here are Anchor, Cebelia and Manuela - in limited choice of colours. The Manuela are only variegated ones, no solid colours. Even then, not may shops have stocks of them. In this scenario, maybe I will still need to use cheap, low quality thread for my designing purposes.

4 September 2006

No. 7/25 - another round motif

This was made after I have finished the mini-doily.

There were already some thread in the shuttles so I made something from them, as it came off my head, after roughly doodling something on paper. This was made in one round. The rings in the centre are all split rings.

I am quite amazed at how easily this one turned out. Usually, when I want to design something new I would first make rough sketches on paper. Then I would try them out and make changes along the way. Often I had to cut them off midway and start again.

But with this one, it came out after two attempts only. In the first attempt, I found that the middle rings are a bit big, and the chains are not meeting in the centre. When I reduced the count for the ds, they met perfectly.

No. 6/25 - a mini Doily

I started this one a medallion as in this picture.

When I finished it, I noticed the centre chains are a bit long and do not lie flat. I think you can see it warping up a bit in the centre. This was made in two rounds.

So I made another one, this time reducing the ds in the centre chains by 2, and it looked better than the first one. After that I continued adding two more rows and finished it off as a small doily. It measured 4.5in or 12cm across. I think it could be easily be made into a tablecloth or something by joining several of it together.

31 August 2006

No. 5/25 - 2nd of the five bookmarks

Completed another bookmark, this time in green and white. Again the SLT is very much used here, in order for the rings to be correctly paired to the correct colours.

The outer rows are overlapping chains. I had a lot of 'twisty & tangly' time doing the edging, what with trying to manage two shuttle and two balls of thread at the same time. After a while I found the rhythm and the going became smoother from then on.

Now, I can't decide whether to give this one away as the prize, or the one made earlier (no. 3/25)

29 August 2006

No. 4/25 - a small heart

This is the first of the five heart motifs that I plan to make in this challenge. I didn't take long to make this because it is only a small one. But if you look closely, the two chains right on top look a bit lop-sided, even though the number of ds are the same. Must have squished the ds too much for the chain on the left. Also, for the 4-ring cluster at the lower part, maybe it would look better without the picots on the inside of the cluster.

I think it would be nice addition to a greeting card for someone special.

No. 3/25 - first of the 5 bookmarks

My no. 3/25 is a bookmark done in two colours, purple and white. The centre set of rings are split rings. To make the alternating colours in the rings, I made the SLT after each ring is completed to switch the position of the yarn.

I plan to give this bookmark as a prize in a small contest that we are having in my local stitching circle.

27 August 2006

Nos. 1/25 and 2/25 - rearrangement of the numbering

I have decided to rearrange the my pictures so that they are in sequence. These pictures enlarged versions of the ones in my first post.

No.1/25 -SCMR Medallion

This is the first that I made based on Wally's Tat-Along motif. I use the self-closing-mock-ring here to create the rings in the middle.

No. 2/25 - Woven Long Picot Medallion

This is the second motif create from the same base motif. I made to different lengths of long picots to create the two rows of woven picot in the centre.

26 August 2006

My 25-Motif Challenge

These are what I aim to make for the challenge.
1) 5 medallion/round motifs;
With the three that I have made earlier for the tat-along, I am already at 3/5 here.
2) 5 doilies made in five rounds or less;
3) 5 snowflakes or stars;
4) 5 hearts;
This may take a while, cos I have not tried at designing hearts before except for a mini one.
5) 5 bookmarks

Hmm... am I being too ambitious here? Whatever it is, I have one whole year to make them and I aim to meet the challenge.

23 August 2006

My first Tat-along

I have created three variations of the base motif provided by NeedleDreams in her tat-along initiative. They are simple ones done using the techniques SCMR, split rings and long picots. I am aiming to have motifs that can be completed in one round.

I wonder if I can use the same ones to count for the 25-motif challenge?

Taking up the challenge

I have been thinking about joining the 25-Motif challenge or the Tat-Along for quite a while. I was hesitant at first because I am thinking that I will not be good enough after looking at the wonderful pieces made by other tatters. But then, i thought, you will never get to that stage if you don't start somewhere. So here I am.

I have started with the tat-along by NeedleDreams and will write out my objectives for the 25-motif challenge later.