19 November 2019

Square Mat Part 2

This is the next part of the instructions for the mat.

For this, we are going to start over with a new square.  The one that I gave in the first post is to show the stitch count for the basic square motif. it will not be used in the construction of the mat proper.  You can use that basic square as a guide for the stitch count which will used from now on. It is not a complicated stitch count; you will remember it after the first or two repeats of the motif.

The charts that I am giving after this will be without any stitch count.

The first of the motifs for this mat will be a corner square. If you recall the basic square has no joining picots on the outside.
(This is part that I was struggling with previously in trying to write the instructions.  I hope it makes sense).

The first corner square is done slightly different from the basic square in order to provide for a place to join the 2nd motif to.  It is done in  such a way that parts of the 2nd motif are tatted together in the corner square.  I hope this becomes clearer looking at the chart below.

The red rings are part of the adjacent squares, below and to right of the corner square. It has the same stitch count as the ring adjacent to it, respectively which is (6-6).

I have added another motif ti the chart in blue, which I will call the side square. The side square is joined to the corner square at the base of the two black and red rings.

As you can see, the side square is also tatted with the rings for the subsequent motifs included in it. Continue making the side square until you have reached the length you require for one side of the mat.  Finish the side with another corner square, paying particular attention to the placement of  the additional rings for the next motif.

The side square on the other side of the corner motif is similarly tatted, as shown in green in the chart below.

I will stop here for now.  I think you have an idea already of how this progresses as the mat grows.  For the sake of completeness, I will come back again with instructions for the inner square.

17 November 2019

Old design Re-visited

I am re-visiting an 'old' design that I made years ago, in 2011. Some of my readers may recall this rectangular mat.

I am looking back at this with the intention of preparing the instructions for this mat.  I have looked back at it a few times before trying to think of the best way to prepare the instructions. I think I have figured it now.  But it is not a straight-forward share; I will be giving the instructions in several parts over a number of posts.

I am starting off by giving the pattern for the basic square of the mat, and the stitch count for it in the chart below.

The pattern requires two shuttles.  As a guide, if using size 40 thread, you'll need approximately 2.6m of thread in each shuttle. Make all the joining picots small. I count the join as the first half of the double stitch and continue with the second-half after the join.

As you can see, there are no picots on the outside to join to the next motifs to grow the mat. That will be explained in the coming posts.  Come back later to check the next steps.