28 Jan 2023

More on the Nameless Project

 I added a few more rows to the initial motif that I started just to empty shuttles (previous post)

All the previous rows were tatted with shuttle-and-ball.  I wanted to do something different and used split rings for the next round.

What do you think of the new colour?
I should really name this piece, for easy reference at least.  Stump for a name, though.

15 Jan 2023

Emptying shuttles .... Not.

I am at a dead end with the yellow motif so I decided to do some easy motifs to empty shuttles.
Then, I got some ideas with the blue-green motif and decided to expand on it. Instead of emptying shuttles, I had to break a new ball for this, 😁
Now, I am occupied with this one. It may be a while before I get back to the yellow one.

27 Dec 2022

Take 2.1

I started over with a solid colour, keeping to the first 3 rounds and adding a 4th.
I tried a few variations on the 4th round and snipped each off before finally getting this. 
I hope this design stays. Have to start visualising the next round.  That will take another week, I am sure, 😬

16 Dec 2022

6-point doily

While waiting for a good name to come, 6-poibt doily is the working name for this.
I am my worse critique. There are some things that I like and some not so about this doily.
Generally, I am pleased.with the design but the small bits that I think need changing are what I see staring back at me.
I am doing this again! This time in a solid colour. Hopefully, it will show up the lines and design flow better.

p.s. another point on the Blogger mobile apps. 
It only allows me to post, edit, view or delete my own posts. I can reply to comments on my posts.
I cannot read other blogs. To do that I have to open the web view on my laptop.