11 April 2020

14-day Challenge renamed to Threads that Bind

Here are the last two rounds of the 14-day Challenge (with a twist).

Day 14
Ring A is (4-4+4-4), joined to previous round as shown.
Ring A is repeated for the following 8 rings.
Ring B is (6-6), joined as shown.
Please note how the two ring Bs are joined to the previous round.

All Chain Cs are (5-5)
I have given a challenge to those who are following my facebook page, to create their own final round.  Some have finished by taking up the challenge and shared photos.  If you'd like to view some of the finished work, please go to the 'Threads that Bind' album on my facebook page, where I compiled photos of the finish work. I am extending the challenge to my blog followers as well.

If you are not yet confident of creating your own final round, here is mine if you chose to follow this,

Day 14 - Final round

Ring A (5-5)
Ring B (4+4-4-4), joined to 2nd Ring A as shown
Ring C (4+2-2-2-2-4), joined to Ring B as shown
Ring D (4+4-4-4), joined to Ring C as shown

Chain E (5+5-3), joined to cjaon in round 13 as shown
Chain F (3+5+5), joined to Chain E and chain of round 13 as shown.

Repeat Ring A, joining to Ring D as shown.
This is my doily with the 14th round still in progress.

I began this doily as a challenge to finish a design in 14 days. The significance of the 14 days would be fully understood by now. At about that time, the Government of Malaysia had announced a controlled movement order (CMO) and everyone were required to #stayhome. On Friday 10th April, the Government announced a continuation of the CMO until 28th April. 

Knowing that many other countries are also in similar situation and also took similar approach of a lockdown, I shared photos-instructions for the doily one round per day, inviting tatters to tat-along with me. Tatters are really awesome folks. Many had joined the tat-along and it was wonderful to see the different colours used for the doily. In recognising this, I have given  a name to this doily as 'Threads that Bind' to reflect the strong bond among tatters, no matter where we are.

#staysafe #stayhome

3 April 2020

Rounds 8 to 12 of the 14-day challenge

I am almost done with the 14-day challenge.  It was meant to be completed in 14 days but I have overshot by a few days.  I am now on the final round of 14, and ran out of the green variegated thread.  Will be looking into my stash for matching thread.

Here are the next five rounds:

Day 8
The stitch count for Day 8 is as Day 7 but with an additional ring of (3-3+3-3) added to the set.
There should now be 4 of the rings between the two adjoining rings flanking them.

Day 9
Ring A is (6+6), joining as shown.
Ring B is (3-3+3-3), which are the three rings following A.
Ring C is (4-4+4-4), joining as shown.

Chain D is (4-4), together with 4 other chains that follow.
Chain E is (5-5).

Day 10

Ring A is (6+6)
Ring B is (3-3+3-3)
Ring C is (4-4+4-4)

Chain E is (4-4), repeated for the collowing four chains (5 chains in total)
Chain F is (5-5-5)
Chain G is (5-5)
Day 11
Ring A - (4-4+4-4), 5 rings in a row;
Ring B - (6+6), 2 rings of Bs joined as shown;
Ring C - (3-3+3-3)
Chain E - (5-5), 5 chains in a row;
Chain D - (4-4), 4 chains in a row;
Repeat Chain E and this completes one repeat.

Day 12
Ring A - (4-4+4-4), 6 rings in a row;
Ring B - (6+6); 4 rings in a row. Please see carefully how these 4 rings are joined)

Chain C - (5-5); 5 chains in a row;
Chain D - (5-5-5);
Chain E - (4-4);
Repeat Chain D and this completes a repeat.