19 June 2010


This is a simple butterfly pattern that you can make with that little bit of thread left from a project.
Most butterfly patterns available show the four wings, but these are shown in profile.  Just something different from the usual ones.

Each butterfly takes up about 90cm (3ft) of thread, uses shuttle only (no ball thread), contains rings and split rings, and a little bit of finger tatting.  The finished size measured about 2cm from the tip of the upper wing to the tip of the lower ring.

Start the first ring about 10cm (4 inches) from the beginning of the thread.
Begin with the big wing of the butterfly,

R1(11-1-1-9-2). Make the picots graduated picots.
R2(2+[to last picot of R1]8-10)

The next two rings are split rings. For the split rings, finger tat the second half of the split rings using the 10cm thread that was left at the beginning.

Split ring SR1(3-1-1-1/3).
Split ring SR2(3/3).

Cut off the threads to required length to make the feelers. Snip off the picots in SR1 to make the legs.

If adding beads to the butterfly, you need 6 beads on the thread. Make rings 1, 2 and 3 as follows.

R1(12[3b:1b]10-2), where [3b:1b] means 3 beads from the loop thread round the fingers, and 1 bead on the shuttle thread.

Happy Tatting

The Thread Exchange

The place to swap threads.

Fox of Tat-ology has come up with an idea to trade tatting thread which I think is quite ingenious.  This is unlike the standard form of exchanges where one will be assigned a partner and you are then to send to that partner whatever item that is specified for the exchange.

It has received encouraging response and a special blog has been created to facilitate this swaps/trades/exchanges .... whatever term you want to use for it.  I am not going to say more about it.  Click on the picture below to go to the blog. Explanations on how this exchange works are there.

There are already a wide selection put up for trade.  So, if you are wondering how a certain thread feels like tatted, you can try and get a sample through this exchange to see if you like it.  Then you can go ahead and place that order ... or not.

3 June 2010


 I was playing with the balance of some thread in the the shuttles and made this up.  I don't know if this going anywhere, but just to share this ring-inside-a-ring thingy.  And, to satisfy my curiosity, has anyone done something like this before?

On another front, tatting may take a back seat for the next couple of months for this,

I'll be doing some sewing, clothes to be exact.  It is in preparation for Raya, or the Eid ul Fitr, to mark the end of the fasting month of Ramadhan.  Ramadhan won't be here until early August but I thought I'd make a head start and not leave it too close to the day. I did not sew my own clothes for the last two Rayas mainly because I left it too late.