Thursday, 29 August 2013

Mystery Doily: Round 3 start-over

There is still some little bit of ruffling in Round 3, though you can't really see it in the picture below.

But, I am going to proceed with it, with the hope that Round 4 will smoothen the ruffling later.
In this second attempt of Round 3, I have reduce the stitch count in the long chains by 4ds, and make the picots smaller.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Mystery Doily: Round 3 started

If Round 2 bowled up,  I am afraid that Round 3 is beginning to show some ruffling. 

I know the ruffling is not yet noticeable in the picture above but it is there. I am going to cut this off and start again.

I am working this doily using the pattern prepared by Vicky Reynolds as provided by Georgia Seitz.  I had to adjust the number of rings for each cluster of Round 3 because, when I followed the pattern it did not show up like the doily in the picture; the pattern gave me 6 rings per cluster but the picture shows 5 rings per cluster.

PattyD has also prepared a diagramatic explanation of the doily pattern in the InTatters forum which can be downloaded as a pdf.

Comparing the two, there is a slight different in the stitch count in the chains.  I plan to change it to follow PattyD's to avoid the ruffling.  I hope it will work.

Monday, 26 August 2013

White it will remain ....

I was thinking of using this HDT in the next round of the Mystery Doily.  There is white in it and the pink is quite subtle that it may blend well with the white.

careful scrutiny of the Cebelia that I am using showed that it is not really white but more creamy, even though the label has it as 'blanc'.

Reading all the comments for the earlier post also convinces me that I should stick to white.  The other reason for keeping it all white is the flow of the pattern itself, as Jane, Miranda and Snowy had commented.

Right then, off to load the shuttles.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Mystery Doily - Round 2


As I had feared, there was slight bowling on finishing Round 2, but not that serious that sufficient pressing and blocking will not fix.  I have to think carefully of how not to aggravate the bowling when I start Round 3.

These two rounds used up two shuttle-full of thread; I was using two shuttles.  Since I need to load up more thread, I thought about putting in some colours and use Lizbeth multicoloured.

Or, should I keep the classic look and stick to white?

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Mystery Doily - progress photos

Round 1 completed
Round 2 started - a quarter of the way done
It is laying flat at the moment, but I am still worried that it may bowl up as I add more repeats in Round 2.  Because of that, I have increased the size of the picots slightly in this round.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Mystery Doily

There is a thread running in InTatters forum on this Mystery Doily. Georgia Seitz posted this doily 13 years ago asking the question of how was it tatted.  The doily is interesting enough to provoke some thoughts on the workings of it. To me, the weaving in and out of the flow is challenging enough o make me want to to attempt it, but not without making some mistakes before getting it right.

I misread the stitch count in the chain my first attempt.  Where it should be 2ds, I read as 12 ds, which had the rings in a concave.I got the rings rightly positioned in my second attempt but had added an extra picot, where there should not be, in the long chain.

Since I am using Cebelia size 40, not really a favorite thread because it frays easily, I decided to cut off each time and started again.  Got it right at the 3rd attempt.  Found it quite easy going  since the rings are all (2-2-2-2) and the chains have 4ds segments.  I did not have to refer to the pattern after the second repeat.

5 repeats, out of eight, done in Round 1 of the Mystery Doily
I think the other rounds are going to be along the same line with different number of rings for each repeat of the subsequent rounds.

Oh,, this is the link to Georgia Seitzs' site for the pattern,

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

New Project

Sometimes, when an idea comes, you just have to get started on it even though there are already other WIPs waiting to be completed.  Do you do that sometimes?

Well it happens quite often with me.  But, a tatter needs to tat, ha ha ha ........

So, I started on a new project, in the midst of preparing for Eid-ul-Fitr which is coming in a couple more days, besides having other things to do as well.  I am thinking of an oval doily and as I start I can straightaway see the making of a simple bookmark which I am sharing here.

I started with a row of split rings in the centre followed by the basic rings and chains for the first round.  This would be a good exercise for beginners to get familiar with tatting split rings.  A chart with an explanation of the stitch count is given below.

You can make the split rings in the centre to any length you like.