Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Mystery Doily: Round 3 started

If Round 2 bowled up,  I am afraid that Round 3 is beginning to show some ruffling. 

I know the ruffling is not yet noticeable in the picture above but it is there. I am going to cut this off and start again.

I am working this doily using the pattern prepared by Vicky Reynolds as provided by Georgia Seitz.  I had to adjust the number of rings for each cluster of Round 3 because, when I followed the pattern it did not show up like the doily in the picture; the pattern gave me 6 rings per cluster but the picture shows 5 rings per cluster.

PattyD has also prepared a diagramatic explanation of the doily pattern in the InTatters forum which can be downloaded as a pdf.

Comparing the two, there is a slight different in the stitch count in the chains.  I plan to change it to follow PattyD's to avoid the ruffling.  I hope it will work.


  1. Fingers crossed! Better to cut off before you go too far, I guess, if you can see it isn't going to work.

  2. Hopefully the ruffling is not due to the bowling. this does look pretty in the picture. It's hard to see mistakes when we look at this, it's so nice, but we all know what you got to do :(

  3. It certainly is beautiful! I hope you're able to adjust the stitch count to your liking, without spending too much time figuring it out, of course!

  4. What a pity about the ruffing, but I am sure you will get it right in the end,

  5. I am so tickled to see this mystery doily still intriguing tatters after more than a decade!!!


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