30 December 2012

There are now 33 Lace Mats in the Gallery

.....  and will soon be 35 because I am expecting a couple more to come in before the closing date.

The closing date to submit a photo of your Lace Mat is midnight of 31st December 2012, Malaysian time, that is UTC+8.  To help you figure out what time it will be in your individual time zone, here is a Time Zone Map that you can look up.

For example, at 12 midnight of 31st December, 2012, it will be 11.00am on 31st December 2012 for the people on the east coast of the US, and 2.00am for the folks in Brisbane, Australia.  I'll probably be asleep at that time, and will only read my e-mails the next morning.

On Doily no. 3
I have decided to make the overlap as in pic #2.
I finally chose this because of how the overlap appears almost the same when viewed from either side of the work.  The overlap in pic#1 is different viewed from each side.  I am not one for front side/back side tatting and I want it to be simple in that it can be used on either side.

Working with size 20 Manuela, it is now about 12 cm wide.  I plan to add another overlapping round, or maybe two depending on how big it will become.

28 December 2012

Doily No. 3 started

I have started on a 3rd doily.  I have finished four rounds but could not decide on the next round.
I wanted to have an overlap in it but could not choose from these two options.
The overlap is at the rings
The overlap is at the chains
This is the full picture of Doily no.2.
Thread used is Lizbeth size 40 golden yellow #613.
The size is about 7 inches diameter

26 December 2012

Yellow-gold doily

This is how the yellow-gold doily is finished.
There are 12 rounds in the doily and the full doily measures about 7 inches diameter.  The ends still need hiding.  I did not measure the amount thread used up, but I think it is about six shuttles-full working with two shuttle.

As with the raspberry pink doily, I utilised split rings to go up to the next round up to the 11th round and any tails at the point of adding new thread were tatted over.  I did not plan the final round properly, so had to cut the thread after the 11th round and start over for the 12th round.

22 December 2012

Yellow Doily update

I am almost done with this series of rings and chains for this doily when the 10th round is done.  I needed to add more thread and took the opportunity take a picture of it.
The rounds may be simple rings and chains, but I had to cut off two rounds because it started to ruffle on me.  Had to adjust the stitch count a few times before getting it to lay reasonably flat.  Now, I'll have to think of a design for the next few rounds in order to finish off this doily with a flourish!
In the meantime -
if you want to try tatting with embroidery floss, 3 strands of it makes a size 20 for tatting. Here is a drawing on how to separate embroidery floss.
One set of 3-strand floss from an 8yd skein fully loads a clover shuttle.

17 December 2012

Yellow doily take two and workshop update

It looks much better the second time round, compared to earlier version.
I removed the picots that appear to be crowding up the empty spaces and stick to clean lines.  I don't know how big this will grow before I decide to stop.
The workshop at the National Textile Museum was a success.  I was not expecting such a big number to sign up - 17 initially but grew to be more than 20.  Since it was held at a museum, which is open on that day, a few visitors to the museum also stopped to see what we were doing.  I had a visitor from France who showed an interest but was hard-pressed for time and could not stay longer.  However, one from Germany stayed and joined in the lessons.
Three of the students, the one on the right is the German visitor.
If I looked tired in this picture, that is because I was on my feet for almost three hours, going from student to student, and that was the first opportunity for me to sit down.
A few more of the students.  On the right is the President of the Arts & Craft Guild of Selangor and KL who worked hard  together with the Museum, to get the workshop realised.
Of the students, almost all are beginners who have not tatted before and have zero knowledge of tatting.  I was a bit afraid initially at seeing the big number, in case I could not attend to everyone. But it turned out alright in the end.  I think it was due to the students themselves who were really keen to learn and showed full dedication.

I started by explaining the movement of the hand to loop the thread and showing the flip by using two colours of thread, and continued with rings, picots and joins.  Not everyone managed to get to the stage of making rings and joins but everyone definitely got the flip.

That was yesterday; and today I received homework photos from two of the students,


13 December 2012

Yellow next

After the raspberry pink, I picked up a yellow gold and started on another doily.

It did not turn out the way I had wanted it to, so I snipped the thread off. With the balance of thread in the shuttle, I attempted the loop tatted ring.  This is my frail attempt of it.  I struggled a bit, no .... a lot, in trying to figure out which thread to pull to close that ring sitting on top of the base ring.
I was trying to be clever and tatted this, all the while trying to figure it out by recalling from memory what I had read from Tatting Fool's blog.

Later, I decided to watch this video on Loop Tatted Ring that Frivole prepared.
Silly me, I was passing the shuttle through one of the loops before closing the ring, whereas Frivole had passed the loop over the top ring.   (I am not surprised if you can't understand what I am trying to say, I am confused myself).

*Loading the shuttles again for another attempt of the yellow-gold doily*

12 December 2012

Lace Mat Poll - details coming soon

Here is a collage of 21 out of 26 Lace Mats that I have received so far,

In preparation for the poll, I am removing the names of the tatters of each Lace Mat and only assign a number.  That is to ensure that there are no undue advantage to any tatter when the polling starts in ealy January.

You may still submit a picture of your Lace Mat until 31st December 2012 be included in the listing for the poll.  I will add it to the Gallery but will not include your name with it.

I have not put together the goodies for the winner.  When I do, I will try to put together things that appeal to tatters.  Who knows, I may decide to have more than one winner, ;)

10 December 2012

Raspberry Pink Doily Done

Finished the raspberry-pink doily that I started here.
There are nine rounds in this doily. I tatted with size 40 Lizbeth and ended up with a doily measuring slightly over 7 inches.

I was contemplating adding a 10th round, an all-chain round of arches over each small ring. But I want to get started on the next design so I think I'll leave it as it is for now.  Maybe I'll come back to it later and if I feel like adding that 10th round.

Now, on the demo/workshop.
I only managed to get two students that day.  there were many interested to see how I do it but not enough to pick-up the shuttle and attempt it themselves.  But, the two that did managed quite well.  One progressed up to making joins and finished one half of a butterfly in the two hours allocated.  The other was slightly hampered by sweaty hands and had trouble closing the rings, but showed real interest to learn.  They went home with a shuttle each and some thread for them to continue tatting, and I hope they will keep up with it.

There will be another workshop on Saturday and I hope the turnout will be better.
As requested by Fox, here is the pink doily with against a white background.
I have to agree with Fox on this one.  The white background is more pleasing to the eye.

I forgot to mention earlier - I tatted this without cutting after rounds.  I worked with two shuttles and utilised the split chains and split rings to jump to the next round right up till the end. All in, I used up five shuttle-full of thread.  Any thread ends at the point of adding new thread are tatted over.  The only ends that I need to hide are the two at the end.

Don't you love split rings and split chains ;)

4 December 2012

Butterflies: what became of them

Here is the answer to what I am doing with the butterflies,

These flat shuttles are made by sandwiching the butterflies between clear plastics.  First, I printed shuttle shapes on a piece of paper.  One page of A4 gives me 14 shuttles.  Then, I place the shuttle template under a clear plastic and glue a butterfly at the centre of each shuttle shape. Using spray glue, I glued two clear plastic together with the butterflies in between.
To cut out the shuttle shape, I placed each butterfly over a template and trace the shape out with a craft knife with only enough pressure to cut one layer of the clear plastic. The second layer is cut by using scissors following the cut mark of the first layer.  I did it that way because I don't want any ink mark showing if I were to trace the shape with a pen.  To finish off, I punch holes and snip to the edge for winding the thread.

The shuttles worked fine, though it slowed me down a bit.
And all this is in preparation for a tatting demo/workshop that I will be conducting two days from now.  I would really like to be able to use actual shuttles but I will not be able able to get enough in time for the event.  I need to place orders for them.  But, I will bring some real shuttles for them to get the feel of it.

My next post will be about the workshop.

1 December 2012


What am I going to do with these butterflies?  I need to tat about 50 of them,
You will know in a few days, ;)
I took about 10 mins to tat each one, in between watching the telly, which will make it 500 mins or about eight hours if I don't do anything else.