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Monday, 10 December 2012

Raspberry Pink Doily Done

Finished the raspberry-pink doily that I started here.
There are nine rounds in this doily. I tatted with size 40 Lizbeth and ended up with a doily measuring slightly over 7 inches.

I was contemplating adding a 10th round, an all-chain round of arches over each small ring. But I want to get started on the next design so I think I'll leave it as it is for now.  Maybe I'll come back to it later and if I feel like adding that 10th round.

Now, on the demo/workshop.
I only managed to get two students that day.  there were many interested to see how I do it but not enough to pick-up the shuttle and attempt it themselves.  But, the two that did managed quite well.  One progressed up to making joins and finished one half of a butterfly in the two hours allocated.  The other was slightly hampered by sweaty hands and had trouble closing the rings, but showed real interest to learn.  They went home with a shuttle each and some thread for them to continue tatting, and I hope they will keep up with it.

There will be another workshop on Saturday and I hope the turnout will be better.
As requested by Fox, here is the pink doily with against a white background.
I have to agree with Fox on this one.  The white background is more pleasing to the eye.

I forgot to mention earlier - I tatted this without cutting after rounds.  I worked with two shuttles and utilised the split chains and split rings to jump to the next round right up till the end. All in, I used up five shuttle-full of thread.  Any thread ends at the point of adding new thread are tatted over.  The only ends that I need to hide are the two at the end.

Don't you love split rings and split chains ;)


  1. Excellent design, and beautiful tatting, as usual! I also applaud your reaching out to teach tatting. Even one or two who show interest is commendable!

  2. Jon, this is really pretty. I would like to see it on a white background.

    I have tried showing light pieces on black,but i think something of the quality is lost by the harshness, so I do not do it too often. I wonder if anyone else finds this to be true or is it just me?
    Fox : )

    1. Oh, yes! It is beautiful. Thank you, Jon. I think this shows the design and your tatting to such better advantage.
      Fox : )

  3. Oh, yes! I am so glad you added this photo, Jon; I think it shows your tatting and the design to much better advantage. It is beautiful. Thank you!
    Fox : ))

  4. Gorgeous!!!!!!Another beauty my dear.



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