14 December 2014

A little tatting, A little travelling

My, my ... it was more than a month ago that I updated this blog.  These are some of what I did during the (almost) two months of non-blogging -

A) I tatted more of the Jan Stawasz's doily

B) I sewed this Owlie pillow for a friend who is expecting a grandchild soon.

C) I attended a class on wire jewelry and made the pin on the left. The one on the right is a gift from the teacher, Mastura Mustafa.

D) And these
Flew to Madrid
Admired the ironworks of the Mercado de San Miguel

Tatted in the train to Cordoba
Crossed the Roman Bridge
Soak in the history of the Masjid of Cordoba
Relish the walks through the small streets in the medina of Masjid of Cordoba
Would never skip the Al-hambra
Walked in the courts of past Sultans
Enjoyed the evening walk at Plaza de Espana in Seville, despite the winter chill
 ... among other things, and I am flat tired after all that.