22 February 2014

UFO no longer

I chanced upon a UFO while scrambling through my craft space.  It decided to fly off somewhere and now found its way back.  It left for quite a while when I first started on it, as I wrote in this post in 2011.

The pattern is the Clover Doily by Eileen Stafford  tatted in a size 50 or 60 thread.  I am not really sure of the size but you can see the label of the thread in the picture in the first link I gave above.
Pic taken after I just completed it.  It needs blocking because the doily is not lying flat.

On the blocking board under the fan, waiting to dry.  I normally use a blocking template but could not find one for this.
All blocked and dry.  The finished size after blocking is 22cm wide, or 8 3/4 inches.
I tatted the final round slightly different from the original pattern.  Instead of picots in the long chains of the final round I tatted floating Josephine knots (JK).  I felt that it looks more 'finished' with the JKs instead of picots.

While waiting for the doily to be blocked, I crocheted this purse.  It is made by joining two pieces of granny square and making a flap over the opening, held down by a button.  This is a cheap RM5 thread in size 10 that I thought I can use to teach tatting but just don't like the feel of it when tatted.  It crochets very well, though.

15 February 2014

Firus Transformed

Umi of Umi's Embroidered Gifts in Facebook tatted a bunch of the Firus motif from my book Elegant Tatting Gems and transformed them into a stunning doily.

She then cleverly adapted part of a pattern from Jan Stawasz's book Tatted Treasures into edgings to enclose the motifs, modifying the stitch count to fit around the centre piece.

I think Umi did great with this.

Umi is more well-known for her beautiful ribbon flowers which you can see in her flicker page.

3 February 2014

Jan Stawasz's Motif

Took a break from the square and tatted this from Jan Stawasz's book Tatted Treasures.  It is the motif of the table runner on pages 65 of the book.

I tried my best to follow his instruction on making the picot within a double stitch, i.e placing the picot between the first half and the second half of the double stitch.  It was not easy getting used to it, sometime I got it, other times I slipped back into the usual method. Unpicked a number of times because of it.

I do find a bit f a problem following the chart for this motif because the numbering of the stitch count jumps all over the chart.  I find that I have to read a different part of the chart for the middle group of rings and for the chains because the were not numbered in the working sequence in the chart like I am used to. 

Still, I am quite happy with this one.  I will be adding more to it as a way of taking a break from the square mat that I showed previously.  Here is a photo of it with a second square added.
These two squares used up almost one ball of the DMC size 80.  I only have one more ball of the thread so this will be a four-squares mat with maybe just enough for a thin border around it.