Saturday, 22 February 2014

UFO no longer

I chanced upon a UFO while scrambling through my craft space.  It decided to fly off somewhere and now found its way back.  It left for quite a while when I first started on it, as I wrote in this post in 2011.

The pattern is the Clover Doily by Eileen Stafford  tatted in a size 50 or 60 thread.  I am not really sure of the size but you can see the label of the thread in the picture in the first link I gave above.
Pic taken after I just completed it.  It needs blocking because the doily is not lying flat.

On the blocking board under the fan, waiting to dry.  I normally use a blocking template but could not find one for this.
All blocked and dry.  The finished size after blocking is 22cm wide, or 8 3/4 inches.
I tatted the final round slightly different from the original pattern.  Instead of picots in the long chains of the final round I tatted floating Josephine knots (JK).  I felt that it looks more 'finished' with the JKs instead of picots.

While waiting for the doily to be blocked, I crocheted this purse.  It is made by joining two pieces of granny square and making a flap over the opening, held down by a button.  This is a cheap RM5 thread in size 10 that I thought I can use to teach tatting but just don't like the feel of it when tatted.  It crochets very well, though.


  1. That doily is awesome!!! :)
    Sweet purse!! :)

  2. Well done on finishing a UFO! Such a pretty one too, it would be a shame to have it languishing unfinished.

  3. yes, it is a beautiful doily pleasant and love the color! Also love that crochet work purse very cute!

  4. Gorgeous doily, I like your JKs better than large picots.
    Lovely purse, Great colour thread.


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