21 February 2017

Daisy Picot Star - the Diagram

Here it is, the diagram/chart for the daisy picot star.

Here are some notes to the chart.

  • Pattern uses the technique of Daisy picot rings. The daisy picot rings are shown in red in the diagram.
  • Please refer to my blog post on how to make a daisy picot ring, https://tatsaway.blogspot.my/2007/10/daisy-picot-snowflake.html
  • The double stitch count in all rings of the daisy picot cluster is 5-5.
  • The space before, between and after each daisy picot ring is two double stitches, i.e. the 'ring' shown in green in the middle of the daisy picot rings cluster.
  • The double stitch count in all chains are 8-8.
  • If using two colours, you will need to do a shoe lace trick (SLT) to keep the two floating rings (green) the same colour.