Daisy Picot Star - the Diagram

Here it is, the diagram/chart for the daisy picot star.

Here are some notes to the chart.

  • Pattern uses the technique of Daisy picot rings. The daisy picot rings are shown in red in the diagram.
  • Please refer to my blog post on how to make a daisy picot ring, https://tatsaway.blogspot.my/2007/10/daisy-picot-snowflake.html
  • The double stitch count in all rings of the daisy picot cluster is 5-5.
  • The space before, between and after each daisy picot ring is two double stitches, i.e. the 'ring' shown in green in the middle of the daisy picot rings cluster.
  • The double stitch count in all chains are 8-8.
  • If using two colours, you will need to do a shoe lace trick (SLT) to keep the two floating rings (green) the same colour. 


  1. That is awesome!! Thank you for sharing!! :)

  2. So beautiful! Thank you for the dIngram. I always enjoy tatting your patterns, that are interesting to do.

  3. Ooh, thanks. That goes onto my (admittedly long) to-do list!

  4. Wonderful will give this a go😄thank you for pattern your a doll🌹💟🌹

  5. Beautiful pattern, beautiful design, thank you for sharing the pattern

  6. This is the first time I've understood why I would want daisy picots! Thank you for the beautiful pattern!

  7. So pretty...have you considered a 6 point pattern...could be very snowflake-like.

  8. Have you considered a 6 point similar pattern...would be very like a snowflake?

    1. I have not tatted this with six points but you can easily do it by adding another repeat. It will not afeect the shape since each point currently stands on its own.

  9. Such a pretty star Jon!!!!!! Lovely colors. Thanks for sharing pattern


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