Free Patterns - Snowflakes

Magic Moment
Daisy Picot
Hearts in a Snowflake
Rings-only Snowfalke (with beads)
Rose Window

2017 Snowflake


  1. Jon, thank you so much for posting some of your wonderful snowflake patterns here! You are SOOOOO talented!

  2. I have a "thing" for snowflakes. I bought your 2008 snowflake book recently and found myself totally charmed by the patterns in it.I've collected a number of tatted snowflake patterns over time, and your book has, by far, the best designs IMHO. I'm working my way through it now, in fact, and have 10 of them pinned to the lampshade by my chair where I'm collecting them for stiffening.
    I liked that book so well that I promptly bought two more, and imagine my delight to find that one of them was also about snowflakes! The web site's picture of the book cover had been too small for me to read the fine print.
    Thank you so much for sharing your artistic creations with those of us who can only craft.

  3. Thankyou Jon for sharing free pattern
    I would like to try all the snow flakes


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