8 Aug 2008

Hearts in a Snowflake

Round 1

R1(3-3-3-3-3-3) cl R and RW.
C1(3-3) RW.
R2(4-4-4-4) cl R and RW.
Repeat C1.
Repeat from R1 until you have 6 rings of R1 and 6 rings of R2, and join the last chain to the first ring.

Round 2
Make a clover as follows, - R1(2-4-4-2), R2(2+4-4-2), R3(2+4-4-2). DNR
Switch shuttles and make a chain C(2+4-4-4), join to the last picot of the 3rd ring in the clover.
Then, shuttle join to the middle picot of R1 of Round 1, and continue with the next part of the chain with (4-4-4-2).
Switch shuttles and repeat the clover. This time, for the first ring in the clover make (2+4-4-2) where the join is to the last picot of the previous chain.

Repeat the clover and the chain until the round is complete. Join the last chain to the first ring and tie and cut.


  1. This is a great pattern for that last snowflake of the Season. We've just had snow in the northern part of the State; cold here. I think I'll start this one today! I also want to get around to the 'Quant" pattern...Working in hearts at the moment!
    Thinking of you today!
    X Bev aka Ridgetatter

  2. I just wanted to say thank you for this pattern. I am making them and putting on top of Christmas balls...Just wanted you to know how much I appreacite you and your talent!

  3. Your work is beautiful. Today I bought a tatting needle to give this craft a try. There weren't too many patterns I could find but I'm glad you were willing to share yours. Thank you.

  4. I also want to say thank you for this wonderful site of yours!
    This is the first pattern I am trying with tatting and I am having a problem. How do I close the first ring? I am trying to figure it out, I saw your tutorial on how to join when it is a picot join but how do you join here chain to first ring?

  5. Gianna,
    The method used to join the chain to the ring of Round 1 is the shuttle join or lock join. To make this join, bring the shuttle thread through the picot of the ring and then pass the shuttle through the loop. Before tightening the join, make sure that the double stitches of the chain is placed close to the picot, hold it in place and pull the shuttle thread slowly until the loop disappear. This is called a lock join because a knot is formed with this method and the double stitches made before the join cannot slide on the thread.

    I hope this helps.

  6. Thank you so much Jon! When I am done with this pattern I think I am going to post my creation to intatters forum.

    I just want to say thank you again for posting so much information and helping people learn.

  7. how do i switch shuttles? is there any other way i can make this with just one shuttle? thanks!

  8. Hi Andipot,
    When a pattern says 'switch shuttles' that means that it is worked with two shuttles form the beginning.
    But there is an alternative to it when you work with shuttle and ball. The trick is to knot the shuttle and ball thread together with only the first knot of tying a shoe lace. This is commonly referred to as the shoe lace trick, or in shirt the SLT. When you do this, you change the position of the shuttle thread so that you can make the rings with the shuttle. After you have done that you make the SLT again to continue with the next chain.

    I hope this explanation helps. Happy Tatting.

  9. can this be done with needle tatting?

  10. thank you very much for the advise!

    1. I am not so good tatting with a needle and have not tried this pattern with a needle. However, I have received feedback from other tatters who use the needle that they have tatted my patterns successfully.

  11. You have a really great work! I love your motiffs!

  12. So pretty, I can't wait to give this pattern a try while I'm on holiday next week!


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