31 December 2007

Goodbye ... and ......Hello!

Goodbye 2007 ...... Hello 2008.

Wishing all my tatting buddies and all crafting friends a very Happy New Year. May all of us be blessed with good health and happiness, and the new year be full of good tidings.

Thank you for allowing me to get to know you, in person or through your writings and through the e-mails that we have exchanged. I am looking forward to a more exciting 2008 and I hope that this friendship will go on for a very long time.

I have a few plans for the coming year -

1. Properly write down all the patterns for the tatting designs that I have come up with. Right now most are handwritten sketches and notes in my sketchbook.

2. Get a book out on tatting ... maybe.....

3. I will NOT stop designing, I promise.

4. Lose some weight, :-D - say another 5kg and not put it back on ha...ha.... I have to make sure I go for my 30 minutes brisk walking every morning.

6. Finish, yes.... really finish my WIP, especially the big tablecloth.

Yes, this one, and it has not even covered half of this 8-seater dining table. Hmmm... maybe getting a smaller dining table will get it finished faster.

I think I have my work cut out for the whole of 2008. Updates will come throughout the year.

19 December 2007

More pictures

Not much to write - just photos ....

Snowflakes from Tatting with Anne Orr

Medallions - also from Tatting with Anne Orr. The square-shaped one needs blocking.

Two more medallions - own designs

A square doily for an exchange - from A new Approach to Tatting by Yusai Shokoin

5 December 2007

Online Class Homework

Have not updated the pages here for a while but I am still tatting. The pictures here are the homework from the Online Tatting Class

This is Mary Maynard's butterfly pattern #3.

And this one is Nellie H Youngburg's butterfly made from the pattern re-written by Wally Soosa.

The third one is a bracelet using the pattern provided by Debbie Strickland. I used a size 10 thread with rose beads. The length is about 16cm (6.5 in), which can comfortably fit round a girl's wrist.

The patterns for the above are available at the site for the Online Tatting Class 2007 Lessons Index. You need to solve a puzzle first to get to the pattern for Mary Maynard's butterfly. Click on the Nov 27 Special Event Puzzle to get there. It is worth a visit.

I was also tatting more of the snowflakes shown earlier, this time in pastel shade of pink.