27 January 2013

TIAS and SCMR Heart

I have completed Day 5 of the TIAS, or so I thought ...
Here is the picture of the TIAS together with a heart which I will touch on later.

Can you see where I made the mistake in the TIAS?
I always prefer to work patterns off charts but this TIAS tells me that I should read both the chart and the written instructions together BEFORE I start.  Actually I made a mistake right at the beginning of Day 5 because I did not tat the 4ds chain before starting the split ring (Ring 25). It is Jane's fault because she did not draw that last chain in the diagram for Day 4.  So I had to undo the ring and tat again.

After I had all of Day 5 done and feeling happy about it, I scroll through the update of the TIAS blog and started to wonder why my two short chains looked different from the others' Day 5.  Took a look at Jane's instructions again and  ... they are supposed to be lock chains!  ....*duh* ...  Another round of untatting again later.

Now, SCMR Heart.
This pattern is shared by Grace Tan in In Tatters forum.  You may have to be a member to view the pattern, I am not sure.  If you are not yet a member, click on the In Tatters badge in the sidebar and it will take you there.

What I want to bring attention to in this heart is the chain that is leading towards the tip of the heart.  Notice how the chains (left and right side of the tip) change direction part-way through?  When I saw this, it reminded me of Martha Ess' folded ring patterns. Even though Martha's instructions were on folded rings, it worked as well on chains, which I used here.

22 January 2013

Johar - Chart

I know that some of you have been having problems downloading the full pattern for Johar because of the bandwidth limitation.  I hope this helps.

You still have to download for the full pattern.
I am so sorry for the inconvenience that I have caused to some.

This Johar was tatted by Irma from Chile who has given permission to share it on my blog.

20 January 2013

Poll result

Hosting the tat-along of the Lace Mat pattern by Norma Benporath must the most brilliant thing that I have done, even if I say so myself.  Looking at the different version of Lace Mats, I think most, if not all, of you enjoyed the adventure too.  Congratulations all round to the 35 tatters who have submitted their Lace Mats.

The Lace Mat poll finally closed a few days ago with 52 people voted, and it is only now that I managed to finish verifying and checking the scores again.  On the penultimate day of voting, there was a tie for the top place.  But a few entries on the last day tipped the scale for one of the Lace Mats.

To finally  rid you of the suspense of waiting, here are the top five Lace Mats tallied after the poll is closed, in the sequence that they appear in the Gallery:

6  8  13  27  34

And the Lace Mat that polled the highest with 26 points is:
No. 34 by Martha Ess
Congratulations Martha!

As promised, I will be putting together some goodies for the winner, and I hope Martha is going to like them and will be able to find ways to use them in her tatting.

I forgot to add -
Nobody had listed the lace mats as in the final top five.  The closest to it is from four persons who managed to get four.  I guess there are no winners in that category.  

17 January 2013

Johar - pattern ready

The pattern for Johar is ready.  I tatted it again with a solid colour and I think the design shows up better that  the first version in variegated colour.

This was tatted with Omega size 20. I am not very fond of this thread since it is 3-ply and it tend to fuzz up after a while.  I use it mostly to test my designs.

The pattern is now available for download here.
If you get a message that my bandwidth has exceeded, please try again another time.  The site is asking me to upgrade, which I have not considered since I don't really utilise all the other facilities offered there, not yet anyway.

Status of  Doily #3.
I cut off 2-and-half rounds from it because I can't stand looking at how it is curving in some parts.  Have started on a new design to replace the parts that I cut off, (will put up a picture later).  As I have said earlier, I am not comfortable releasing a pattern that I am not happy with, even though it may be corrected by blocking and such.  I feel like I am cheating the other tatters, hoping that someone will be able to get it right somehow.

12 January 2013

Johar - a star

I decided to work on something else to take my mind off Doily #3.  The result is this star which I named Johar (Venus)
Thread is Lizbeth size 40, code 114
I tatted a few more rings of the doily #3, but I am still not happy with it.  At the moment I can see three options:
  1. Snip off the last three rounds and tat them over again with different stitch counts,
  2. Continue and ignore the ruffling and hope it disappears with blocking,
  3. Have the diagram with the current stitch count done and get it test-tatted.
The lace mat poll are being tallied as they are received.  At the moment, it is a tight race among three lace mats.  No one has submitted a list that is the same as the running top five lace mats.  The poll will be open until 17th January.

8 January 2013

Doily #3 is about done, but

I don't like the way it is ruffling in certain parts.

I started the doily with size 20 previously as you can see in the picture here, but started over using size 40; my favourite size to tat at the moment.  I am now at the last round but the doily is showing some ruffling, which you can see in the picture below.  The finished size would be about 8 inches wide.
If I want to remove the ruffling, I may have to cut out two rounds, plus the final round, and adjust the stitch count.  But, I thought I should try and pin it out first and see how it turns out.
I think blocking can make it work although there are still some curves showing, especially in that last round.
That perfectionist in me is having second thoughts.

What do you think? Should I proceed and finish this or should I cut the affected rounds off and adjust the stitch count to remove the waviness?

After reading the comments below, I should point out that my main concern with this doily is - if I am having issues with the ruffling, would another tatter be faced with the same problem also tatting it?  I would not feel comfortable "releasing" a pattern that I am not happy with.  I guess the only way I can find out is if someone would test-tat it first.

5 January 2013

Interlocking snowflake

I was browsing google images for tatting (I do that sometime to get inspirations) and came across this cute snowflake from the Instructables site, Tatted Snowflake by Penolopy Bulnick.  I like the way each chain passes through the corresponding ring on the centre motif.

The pattern is shown on the site, but for needle tatting.  It is calling to me to try tat it using a shuttle.  Well, here is what I did,

In the original pattern, the centre motif is worked first, but I tatted the outside motif first.
To have the chain go through the ring - when making the loop for the ring, first I pass the shuttle through the space in the middle of the outer motif, make the loop round the hand, and pass the shuttle through the space a second time and start tatting the ring.

Don't forget to pick your top 5 of the Lace Mats in the Lace Mat poll on the page here. It will be kept open until 17th January 2013.

3 January 2013

Lace Mat Poll has Started.

First of all, thank you for all the tatters who have e-mailed me a photo of their Lace Mat.  By the closing date, I received 35 photos which you can view on the Lace Mat Poll page

To participate in the poll, please go the Poll page and choose the top five mats that you like most. Then let me know the mats you have chosen by leaving a comment in the comment box below or on the Poll page, stating the number (beneath each photo) assigned to the lace mats that you have picked.

This will be a secret poll, so I will not be publishing the comments where you have given your selection nor the running tally. Other comments that do not contain the information will be published.  You can submit your picks only ONCE. The poll is open until 17th January and the results will be announced after that.

The owner of the lace mat polled the most will receive some gifts from me. I have not started to assemble the goodies. Maybe I will wait until the winner is chosen, so that I can put together something as close as possible to what the person may like.

Once again, I want to thank all who have participated in the Lace Mat Tat-along.  I know that from reading the comments and blogs, the number may be more than the 35 shown in the poll.  I think everyone did a great job on their lace mat.

Good Luck to all

p.s. Maybe I could also prepare something for the one who picked the top five as in the poll result.    It does make it more exciting, doesn't it. I will think about that.