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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Johar - pattern ready

The pattern for Johar is ready.  I tatted it again with a solid colour and I think the design shows up better that  the first version in variegated colour.

This was tatted with Omega size 20. I am not very fond of this thread since it is 3-ply and it tend to fuzz up after a while.  I use it mostly to test my designs.

The pattern is now available for download here.
If you get a message that my bandwidth has exceeded, please try again another time.  The site is asking me to upgrade, which I have not considered since I don't really utilise all the other facilities offered there, not yet anyway.

Status of  Doily #3.
I cut off 2-and-half rounds from it because I can't stand looking at how it is curving in some parts.  Have started on a new design to replace the parts that I cut off, (will put up a picture later).  As I have said earlier, I am not comfortable releasing a pattern that I am not happy with, even though it may be corrected by blocking and such.  I feel like I am cheating the other tatters, hoping that someone will be able to get it right somehow.


  1. Johar is very pretty! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  2. Thank you very much, I do like that pattern and I'll download it when the bandwidth allows! I think it's an unusual shape, interesting.

  3. I have just the right threads for this! - but I must wait until tomorrow, the website told me to try again then.
    Thank you Jon, for another wonderful pattern.

  4. That's a very, very pretty star Jon! Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern.

  5. Thank you for sharing the pattern, gorgeous star

  6. Thank you, Jon! I was able to download your pattern. I did get the error message yesterday, but I must have gotten up early enough today. ;-)

  7. You are so generous to share this beautiful pattern! It's a wonderful design! And I think it looks lovely in both threads. I hope to download it soon. Also looking forward to the results of the poll. So many wonderful entries!

  8. I'm so not surprised the download allotment has been met. I'll try again beautiful and worth the wait.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing, Jon!! It is a lovely star.

  10. Thank-you so much for the beautiful pattern! I was finally able to open it this morning. It is so lovely, there're is no surprise it was in such high demand.

  11. Thank you, Jon! FINALLY, I was able to download this pretty pattern. I am going to enjoy this tat! : ))

  12. Thank you so much, this pattern is beautiful.
    I just finished making it and plan to give it to my mother as a gift.


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