28 January 2007

No 23/25 - Final Bookmark

This is the last of the five bookmarks that I have 'pledged' to make for the challenge. It was made with split rings and woven long picots throughout.

I have given this bookmark away to a marvelous friend ..... in my effort to get her to tat ..... "Yeah, right! " - I know she reads my page here and can just hear her saying that!

At the beginning of the challenge, I had decided to make 5 types of tatted items:

1) Medallion or Round motifs - 1/25, 2/25, 7/25, 18/25 and 20/25 - DONE.

2) Snowflake or Star - 9/25, 11/25, 13/25, 14/25 and 21/25 - DONE.

3) Hearts - 4/25, 8/25, 12/25, 17/25 and 22/25 - DONE

4) Bookmarks - 3/25, 5/25, 10/25, 16/25 and 23/25 - DONE

5) Small Doilies - 6/25, 15/25, 19/25

Now, two more to go! I hope I can have both done by end of February. Have a design for one of them in mind already. Just neeed to get the shuttles wound up for it.

22 January 2007

No 22/25 - Daisy Picot Heart

Well .. it's done. I have completed the heart with the daisy picot centre, two actually, but with slightly different tip.

For the one above, I made another smaller daisy picot at the end. But I think I may have made the chains holding the daisy picot a little long.  But, I think I prefer this second one below, which has only a free ring at the end. This design is lot simpler with only one point of attraction, the daisy centre.

I think the way that Ruth made as seen on her blog is nice too.

19 January 2007

Pattern for the Tatting Calendar

I have given the pattern for this edging to Ruth for the Tatting Pattern Calendar
and she said it will be put up soon. Please look out for it. And I think Ruth is doing a great job with the Calendar.

NOTE: Ruth has placed this for the 19th January (which also happens to be my youngest daughter's birthday). Just click the 19th on the calendar for the month of January (if you missed it the first time).

2nd try of the Daisy Heart

I have made a second try of the daisy heart, but only half of it is done so far, and it looks like this.

I have changed the split ring into using simple rings and chains design. Now I think it looks more like a heart.

And with some computer magic, this is what it will look like when completed .. correction .. what I hope it will look like after I'm done with it. And the blue and white together look rather sweet, I think.

Now, the only thing I have to think of is how to do the tip of the heart. I might try either of two ways -
- continue with the ring-and-chain with maybe a thrown ring at the end, or
- make another daisy, but a smaller one this time.
Oh. never mind ..... I think I'll try both ways.

16 January 2007

A Heart with Daisy Picot Centre

This is my first attempt of the heart that I mentioned earlier, .... that I wanted to make with a daisy picot in it.

Well, .... right now the shape is more like an apple rather than a heart. The daisy picot at the top looks okay enough for me. It is the one at the tip that doesn't seem right. And I think I should remove two split rings, one on each side. And maybe, not have the daisy at the tip at all, or have it turned the other way.
Okay, .... I'll have a go at it again and put another pic when I am happy with it.

14 January 2007

No 21/25 - Beaded Snowflake

This beaded snowflake is a slight variation of the Minaret Snowflake motif from the book 'Tatted Snowflakes' by Vida Sunderman.

I made this when a friend asked me to show her how to add beads to tatting. I couldn't think of a design real quick, so I picked one of the patterns from the book. The original design was done without the beads. When I was making this, I found a trick of jumping to the next round without using a split chain.

The original instructions are in two rounds, and I hates ends! I took a long look at it to figure out how to jump to the next round without cutting the threads. The thing is, I can make a split chain if the ds are pointing outwards, but in this case the chains in the first round are pointing inwards. I have not figured out how to make split chains if the ds are pointing inwards. I tired it once and end up with the thread on the wrong side for the next round.

Then it struck me! Sure! it says ... first make a ring, but I don't have to start with a ring. Instead, I started with a chain, using a paperclip to create a mock picot at the start of the chain. After I have completed five rings, I made the last chain and join it to the mock picot in the first chain. Then, I made the sixth ring of the first round as a split ring, and another split ring to start Round 2. I wonder if this works as well if the ds are pointing outwards....

12 January 2007

No. 20/25 - Another Chinese Coin Motif

I am feeling so good inside. Someone in the family is showing an interest in crafts. My daughter asked me to teach her how to crochet. That is what I have been doing the past few weeks. We are starting by making a small bag. It is not that difficult because it will be just a rectangular shape made up of rows and rows of half-double-crochet. Asked her whether she wants to learn tatting - she said she is not ready for tatting yet.

I started of the first row for her and she continued with the subsequent rows after that. She came back to me at the end of each row because she hasn't managed to jump to the next row yet, even after I have shown her a few times. Then, she wants a row of flowers crochetted on the lower part of the bag - she can be very demanding, this girl of mine. Have to go and figure out how to make them flowers.
In between I made this motif. This is a remake of the motif that I used for the Chinese Coin bookmark that I posted earlier (motif 16/25 - Nov 15th 06). I wanted to see how it will look with some decorative picots in it. I think it looks quite alright.
Starting to work on another heart motif. Have the picture in mind already - something with daisy picots in it, but yet to actually tat it out.

2 January 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR ... and some new designs

Happy New Year to everyone, wishing that it will be a happy and prosperous one with lots of tatting and all kinds of crafts to cheer us along!

I have been working on two designs for the challenge - both are round motifs. If you think that the shape is not quite round, you are right. I didn't finish the last round because I ran out of thread in one of the shuttles for both motifs. I did not continue working on them because I can't see yet where I am going with them.

Motif 1 is made with two strands of DMC embroidery cotton, in two colours, ecru and a shade of pink.

Motif 2 below, was made in size 40 Twilleys.

I'm interested to know what you think about them. I plan to make them again when I have a better idea for the designs.