Monday, 22 January 2007

No 22/25 - Daisy Picot Heart

Well .. it's done. I have completed the heart with the daisy picot centre, two actually, but with slightly different tip.

For the one above, I made another smaller daisy picot at the end. But I think I may have made the chains holding the daisy picot a little long.  But, I think I prefer this second one below, which has only a free ring at the end. This design is lot simpler with only one point of attraction, the daisy centre.

I think the way that Ruth made as seen on her blog is nice too.


  1. They both look great but I quite agree with you the second one is slightly more lovely. Simple and understated. You can figure that I'm a fan of 'less is more' !

  2. Virginia Johnston4 February 2007 at 08:26

    Jon, I love your heart and all your work, you have a great deal of talent, I hope you will publish your patterns in a book for us to buy.


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