30 March 2009

What are These?

These tiny, tinytats are what's going to take up my time for the next couple of months. They are tiny hearts that I'll be making in abundance and will be used on wedding favors at my nephew's wedding in June.

Yes, they are tiny and yes, each one don't take much time to make ... but I have to make 1,500+ of these from now until end of May. I left the thread ends on the hearts so that it can be tied on the favor packs.

No ends to hide, Yipeee!

I'm going off radar now and setting my shuttle on auto-pilot.
See you all in two months, ;-)
Yeah, right! As if I can stay from all of you that long.

After you have read this, go over to TattingChic's blog. She is having a giveaway to celebrate reaching her first year of blogging, Some cool stuff there that she is giving away and you don't want to miss the chance to be in her draw. Hurry! There isn't much time. You have until 31st March to enter.

23 March 2009

New Year Exchange - way so overdue

I finally sent out my gift for the New year Exchange in the Shuttle and Needles group in early March. We were supposed to make a drawstring bag and add in some stash in it for our partners. I have to apologise to Jullie , my exchange partner, for sending it out so late. It was supposed to be in January and look what month it is now, :-}

This is the bag that I received from Jullie. It is a mix of crochet bottom with a fabric top. If you follow the link to Jullie's blog that I gave above, you'll find that she is very good at crochet, especially amigurumi shapes.

Besides the bag, there are a few other stash items which include two balls of thread, and a tool for making fabric-wrapped buttons, as seen in the picture below.

And the reason for the delay ...

I totally made a mess of the first bag, which didn't turn into a bag at all, and started over. Jullie was very understanding about it. Then, other matters came into play that took most of my time. I had to think very fast and made something real quick. There was a lot of improvising and finally this is my bag to Jullie.

Some may recognise the design from here. Well, that was the improvising part. Yes, it was what was I hope to turn into a table mat. Instead of a flat piece, I joined the last row of motifs to the beginning and turn it into a tube, which is sewn to the fabric of the bag.

I have added a few other items together with the bag but in my haste I did not take any photos of them.

I hope Jullie likes what I have sent her.

Now... there is the matter of the birthday exchange to Aileen, which is also way overdue. Oh! dear........

15 March 2009

My Mother

Thank you to everyone who have left comments here, when I last wrote about being tired.

Sadly, my dearest mother passed away on Tuesday, March 10. She was 76 years old. She had been unwell for the last five months with complications relating to her diabetes, high blood pressure and recently her heart.

I want to thank everyone for their comforting words whether through this blog or through personal e-mails sent to me. They mean a lot.