Monday, 30 March 2009

What are These?

These tiny, tinytats are what's going to take up my time for the next couple of months. They are tiny hearts that I'll be making in abundance and will be used on wedding favors at my nephew's wedding in June.

Yes, they are tiny and yes, each one don't take much time to make ... but I have to make 1,500+ of these from now until end of May. I left the thread ends on the hearts so that it can be tied on the favor packs.

No ends to hide, Yipeee!

I'm going off radar now and setting my shuttle on auto-pilot.
See you all in two months, ;-)
Yeah, right! As if I can stay from all of you that long.

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  1. Congratulations to your nephew on his upcoming wedding, Jon! Have fun making all those tiny tats. I have a feeling you're never going to want to look at that pattern again after this. At least you don't have to hide any ends! ;)

  2. Well, the ends are half the battle! How sweet of you to make all of those for your nephew's wedding! 1500! That's A LOT of people at a wedding, WOW!

    Hey, thanks for the shout out for my blog celebration/giveaway! You a super bloggy pal! :)

  3. hey jon, u have to tat 1,500 hearts?! wow! i think these will be really special on the favour packs. enjoy!

  4. To be attach to the `berkat' or to the word Terima Kasih, is it.
    Myself i have to make 100 pieces of butterflies for my niece nye engagement. Lucky only 100 not 1500. hehehe....

  5. I'm a bit slow on the uptake here - it has finally registered that you are tatting 1500 of these? FIFTEEN hundred? Your nephew must have a lot of friends!

  6. These tiny hearts are just lovely Jon thanks for sharing...and congratulations to the forthcoming wedding of the happy couple

  7. The latest update on the tiny hearts - finished 230 pieces of it. I figured that if I make at least 30 a day, I can make it in time. I'll leave the tying to the favor packs to others, :-)

    1. Did you ever write down the pattern for these? I know they're small but they are ever so gorgeous!

  8. very busy of you ^_^
    and I can imagine that you still tatting through your trip to Bandung,in the waiting room before take off, in the plane during your flight, and at hotel during the night after a busy day of shopping...LOL

  9. My brother just got married on Mar 28 and thank goodness they did not request me to do any crafting (tatting is on a long break)

  10. My eyes are crossed at the thought of 1,500 tatted hearts. Did you succeed?!? Ayayay!


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