31 December 2010

Happy New Year!

21 December 2010

Still Freezing .... thankfully not yet frozen ... he he he

This is what the temperature was on Day 4 of our stay in Leicester.
Recorded on the trip to Manchester 
Old Trafford
This is the real reason for us braving the cold.
Loughborough University graduate

If you can't imagine how cold it has been, take a look at this,
Frozen fountain in the middle of  frozen lake
Today, on Day 6 we will drive down to London and stopping along the way to meet that 'old git'.  Hoping for a safe trip.
Sadly, I did not make it to Stratford after all.  We kept up with the news on the weather and road conditions up to the last minute before leaving Leicester.  Snow fell quite heavily the night before and by morning most of the roads are covered with snow, and icy in some parts.  With no experience driving in such conditions we decided to stick to the safer motorways and proceed straight to London.  I called Jane to tell of our decision and needless to say, both of us are very disappointed.  Jane blamed me for bringing all the snow and ice to England, and made me promise that my next visit, if there is going to be a next one, will be during the warmer months, he he he .....  Yes, Jane.  I hear you.

18 December 2010

It's Freezing, brrr !!!!!!!

Arrived at Gatwick Airport in the early morning of 16th December and was greeted with wet gloomy wearther.  Well, this is England -what else is new!  Picked up our car rental at the airport and drove up towards Leicester.
Driving towards Leicester
Made a stop in Oxford
At the natural history museum in Oxford University (will update the name later, can't remember it now)
It started snowing by the time we arrived in Leicester,
Snow started to fall in the evening
... and woke up to this the next morning.
Having breakfast before heading off to Nottingham
With Pat Hallam of Roseground
From Nottingham, we drove further north to Leeds
At the steps of the Parkinson Building, Leeds University, where I studied more than 30 years ago.
Arrived back in Leicester in the  evening.  Tomorrow is another day.

10 December 2010

Winter Wonderland

Here are what I have been doing this past year-and-half.

These are the second part of the custom order of 60 snowflakes.  But I goofed up because I did not complete the full order.  I am short of seven pieces.

Some may think that one-and-half years is a long time for just 53 snowflakes.  Out of these 53, some are my designs and some by other designers.  As for my own design, I had to re-work each one several times before I am satisfied with the design.  And I am still tweaking a number of them.

I will be away from next week until the end of the year.  I may or may not have internet access.  If I cannot come online until then here's wishing  everyone a safe and wonderful holidays and Happy New Year.