31 August 2006

No. 5/25 - 2nd of the five bookmarks

Completed another bookmark, this time in green and white. Again the SLT is very much used here, in order for the rings to be correctly paired to the correct colours.

The outer rows are overlapping chains. I had a lot of 'twisty & tangly' time doing the edging, what with trying to manage two shuttle and two balls of thread at the same time. After a while I found the rhythm and the going became smoother from then on.

Now, I can't decide whether to give this one away as the prize, or the one made earlier (no. 3/25)

29 August 2006

No. 4/25 - a small heart

This is the first of the five heart motifs that I plan to make in this challenge. I didn't take long to make this because it is only a small one. But if you look closely, the two chains right on top look a bit lop-sided, even though the number of ds are the same. Must have squished the ds too much for the chain on the left. Also, for the 4-ring cluster at the lower part, maybe it would look better without the picots on the inside of the cluster.

I think it would be nice addition to a greeting card for someone special.

No. 3/25 - first of the 5 bookmarks

My no. 3/25 is a bookmark done in two colours, purple and white. The centre set of rings are split rings. To make the alternating colours in the rings, I made the SLT after each ring is completed to switch the position of the yarn.

I plan to give this bookmark as a prize in a small contest that we are having in my local stitching circle.

27 August 2006

Nos. 1/25 and 2/25 - rearrangement of the numbering

I have decided to rearrange the my pictures so that they are in sequence. These pictures enlarged versions of the ones in my first post.

No.1/25 -SCMR Medallion

This is the first that I made based on Wally's Tat-Along motif. I use the self-closing-mock-ring here to create the rings in the middle.

No. 2/25 - Woven Long Picot Medallion

This is the second motif create from the same base motif. I made to different lengths of long picots to create the two rows of woven picot in the centre.

26 August 2006

My 25-Motif Challenge

These are what I aim to make for the challenge.
1) 5 medallion/round motifs;
With the three that I have made earlier for the tat-along, I am already at 3/5 here.
2) 5 doilies made in five rounds or less;
3) 5 snowflakes or stars;
4) 5 hearts;
This may take a while, cos I have not tried at designing hearts before except for a mini one.
5) 5 bookmarks

Hmm... am I being too ambitious here? Whatever it is, I have one whole year to make them and I aim to meet the challenge.

23 August 2006

My first Tat-along

I have created three variations of the base motif provided by NeedleDreams in her tat-along initiative. They are simple ones done using the techniques SCMR, split rings and long picots. I am aiming to have motifs that can be completed in one round.

I wonder if I can use the same ones to count for the 25-motif challenge?

Taking up the challenge

I have been thinking about joining the 25-Motif challenge or the Tat-Along for quite a while. I was hesitant at first because I am thinking that I will not be good enough after looking at the wonderful pieces made by other tatters. But then, i thought, you will never get to that stage if you don't start somewhere. So here I am.

I have started with the tat-along by NeedleDreams and will write out my objectives for the 25-motif challenge later.