Saturday, 26 August 2006

My 25-Motif Challenge

These are what I aim to make for the challenge.
1) 5 medallion/round motifs;
With the three that I have made earlier for the tat-along, I am already at 3/5 here.
2) 5 doilies made in five rounds or less;
3) 5 snowflakes or stars;
4) 5 hearts;
This may take a while, cos I have not tried at designing hearts before except for a mini one.
5) 5 bookmarks

Hmm... am I being too ambitious here? Whatever it is, I have one whole year to make them and I aim to meet the challenge.


  1. That's a LOT of tatting! You mean I can use the designs from books? You know how my designing skills are - NIL!

    Interesting challenge this! Go for it!!

  2. Yes Barbara, you can pick the design from books, not neccessarily your own designs.


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