28 June 2016

Short Update

I should be sewing so this is a short one.

Just completed Round 2 of JS Monsterpiece.  There a very slight cupping which I think will flatten with pressing.  I was making small joining picots because I think that was how Jan Stawasz made his from photos in his two books.  For the next round onwards, I may make make the picots slightly bigger. I have also removed/rearranged some of the decorative picots for this project.

Seven more repeats to go for this crochet doily.  
The pattern for this doily in in Moje Robotke Nr 7 2009, for anyone who is interested in this.

One sewing project done, except for attaching buttons on the cuffs.
Another one is waiting at the sewing machine.

So, bye for now.

21 June 2016

Jumping in with Eyes Wide Open

Yes, open-eyed, looking at all the beautiful Monsterpiece Doily, how could I not jump in!

I have been putting this off for so long. When Ginny Weathers showed her almost done Doily in Facebook recently, I finally decided I have to start on it.  If I am going to take a year or more to work on this Jan Stawasz doily, I might as well get cracking.  The longer I delay, the longer it will take to get done.
Hmm ... can you get my logic?

It was a toss up between a size 20 thread or at the other end a size 80. Common sense prevailed and I chose size 20 because I have already have lots of that in one colour, which happens to be white. No problems with matching the colours here.  This thread is German Hakelgarn, a soft 6-ply thread which is one of my favourite to tat with.

Oh well, just have to make sure that I wash my hands each time I want to work on it. I am not going to think any farther about what shade it will be a year from now, ha ha ha...

I should be doing a lot of something else around this time.  We are already half-way into Ramadhan and I have not sewn my garments for the celebratory 'Eid festivities.  Boxes of stuff from the re-painting of the house are not totally cleared and I have yet to think of the food to prepare for 'Eid.

Instead, if not tatting, I am doing this,

This crochet piece is from another Moje Robotki magazine (not the same as the one that has the Monsterpiece Doily in it)  This is crocheted with Omega thread size 50.

Oh, how wish tatting can be work up as quickly as crochet.
Okay, off to ponder what I should really be doing.

Oh, almost forgot ... I finished a UFO as well. A small doily, 19cm in diameter.
Thread is Milford mercer size 20.