Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Short Update

I should be sewing so this is a short one.

Just completed Round 2 of JS Monsterpiece.  There a very slight cupping which I think will flatten with pressing.  I was making small joining picots because I think that was how Jan Stawasz made his from photos in his two books.  For the next round onwards, I may make make the picots slightly bigger. I have also removed/rearranged some of the decorative picots for this project.

Seven more repeats to go for this crochet doily.  
The pattern for this doily in in Moje Robotke Nr 7 2009, for anyone who is interested in this.

One sewing project done, except for attaching buttons on the cuffs.
Another one is waiting at the sewing machine.

So, bye for now.


  1. It will flatten!

    In the old days, I would have enjoyed the crochet pattern. Not now! But it's a pretty one. Give me a shuttle or nothing! ( except for my pen!)

  2. Wow! You are busy!! :) All your projects look great!! :)

  3. Piękne, tradycyjnie rewelacyjne :)

  4. I seem to remember a little cupping after that round. I did use my steam iron frequently while tatting this doily. I still haven't blocked it properly, but I will soon. I do love that crocheted doily!

  5. Please keep posting your progress on the monster doily. I just started it, too. Mine is in ecru. My first round has some cupping as well, but I think a steam iron will fix that. I, too, thought that I would make very small joining picots, but it was too much for me to keep track in my head if this was a joining picot or a decorative picot, so all mine will be the same size. I tend to make smallish picots, anyway.

  6. Jan Stawasz usually uses small joining picots. I own his book "Tatted treasures" and it says to make joining picots "as small as possible". I just wish I could tat as neatly as you can. Your projects always look beautiful :)


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