28 July 2011

Exchanges Bookmarks and Postcards

Here are what I received in a few exchanges that I participated the last few months. Two are bookmark exchanges organised in In Tatters Forum and The Tatting Forum.
These two are what I received from my partners.

The one on top is from Prabhjyot for the exchange in In Tatters.  Prabhjyot wrote that the pattern used is the Supermodel Bookmark designed by Brooklynne Michelle made with Yarnplayer's Sugarmaple size 10.  I really admire the spiral chain attached to the bookmark.  The spacing in the spiral turn is so even.

The blue bookmark at the bottom is from Tattin' Kat which I received in the Tatting Forum exchange.  Tattin' Kat wrote that the pattern in the Floral Bookmark by Kersti Anear and tatted with needle. I am a shuttle-tatter and I can see the differences between a shuttle-tatted piece and a needle-tatted piece.  But, I have to say that the bookmark Tattin' Kat sent me is just lovely and delicate.  So, it does not matter what you use to tat, the result is still tatting.

Prabhjyot's was a little late to arrive, so Rachael (who organised the exchange in In Tatters) decided to send me a replacement bookmark, thinking that the one from my partner was lost in the postal system.  And these are what she sent me,
Rachael was inspired by my Magic Moment snowflake pattern when she designed the bookmark at the top and shared her pattern in In Tattters. You may need to be a member of In Tatters to be able to see it, but joining is free and click here to join.  The colourful Flower bookmark at the bottom is Rachael's own design and she shared her pattern here.  The thread is so fine, I think it may be size 50 or more.

As luck would have it, both mail from Prabhjyot and Rachael arrived on the same day.

There had not been any problem with the post regarding the delivery of the exchanges which I am having in the Shuttles and Needle group.  It is a Postcard-a-Month Exchange where we are to send a postcard to a different partner each month.  The exchange started in May and will run until December.  So far I have received these three for the months of May, June and July.
The blue postcard at the top is from Aileen, who sent me a 'uniquely' Singapore postcard, seeing that she is from Singapore.  The one on the bottom left is a postcard from De-de in the US.  It is a yummy one with a recipe of Buckeye Candy on it.  The bottom right is the most interesting of all.  It is from Diyanna from Malaysia.  Instead of sending the usual touristy postcard, she made one herself out a photo of her doing maintenance work on top of an airplane.  How creative is that!  She even taped a small tatted flower on the reverse and it arrived intact.  I am looking forward to see what other postcards that I will be getting from my other partners, and I hope my partners like what I sent them.

To unwind after completion of my latest book, Elegant Tatting Gems, I tatted some bracelets.
The bracelet in the middle is the "Bloomer" bracelet by Yarnplayer from her book Boutique Tatting.  The ones on the top and bottom are my own designs.

That's it from me for now.

20 July 2011

Rose Window

Another snowflake design.
Model is tatted in size 40, size is 7cm across (point to point)
This is a two-shuttles pattern worked in three rounds.  I utilised a split ring in the pattern to jump out from the centre ring. The rounds in the charts are show in Yellow – Rnd 1, Green – Rnd 2 and Blue – Rnd 3.
Round 1
Begin in the centre with,
R(2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2), make each picot about 6mm long (when open) if using size 40 thread.
SR(4-2/4-2). Make sure to leave a distance of about the length of the picot of the centre ring before making the split ring.
Make the ring on the right side of the split ring as,
R(2+[p of the SR]4-6), completing the cloverleaf.
Flip the work over and make the ring on the other side of the SR, working on RODS,
R(2+[p of the SR]4-6).
Flip back to the front and reverse work.
(*) C(6-6), rw
R(6+[p of right ring of cloverleaf]6), rw.
C(6-6), rw.
Make the next cloverleaf,
R(6+[p of pr ring]4-2), R(2+[p of pr ring]4+[skip one p, join to next p of centre ring]4-2), R(2+[p of pr ring]4-6). Rw.

Repeat from (*) to finish this round. Cut and tie to beginning cloverleaf.

Round 2 – two shuttles
Join thread to any chain after the ring of (6-6) of Round 1. Begin with a chain.
C(3-3 +[lj to p of next ch of Rnd 1] vsp 8 +[lj to base of ring of Rnd 1]), dnr.
(§) Switch shuttle (SS), Jk(10), dnr.
SS, C(8 +[lj to p of next chain of Rnd 1] vsp 3-3 +[lj to p of next ch of Rnd 1] vsp 8 +[lj to base of next ring of Rnd 1]), dnr.
Repeat from (§) to finish this round, ending with a lock join to the beginning chain.
DO NOT CUT thread, continue with Round 3

Round 3
C(5-5 +[lj to vsp of Rnd 2]7-3), dnr.
(δ) SS, R(3+[p of pr chain]5-5-3), R(3+[p of pr ring]2-2-2-2-2-3), R(3+[p of pr ring]5-5-3), dnr.
SS, C(3+[p of pr ring]7 +[lj to next vsp of Rnd 2]5-5+[lj to next vsp of Rnd 2]7-3), dnr.
Repeat from (δ) to finish the round.

Cut thread, join to the beginning and hide ends.

19 July 2011

For those unlucky in the draw - Rose Window

For those whose names were not drawn for the book give away, I hope this will make you happy.
Rose Window
This is the design shown in the top left corner of my header, partially hidden under the shuttles.  I had planned to include this in the book Elegant Tatting Gems, but I utilised a split ring to jump out of a round.  Somehow, that does not fit in with the theme of the book.

The name, Rose Window, was chosen because another tatter, Antiquarian if I recall correctly, had commented that it looks like a rose window. 

The pattern for the Rose Window is downloadable from here.
Now there are no losers.

17 July 2011

Giveaway Winners

First, I want to apologise for the delay in announcing the winners of the draw.  I was away for the weekend, about 230km away in another state, attending the reception of my niece's wedding.  I was already feeling unwell during the drive going there and got worse during the drive coming home.  Luckily I wasn't the one driving.  Anyway, by the time I reached home, I was too flat out to do anything and just fell asleep.

About the draw, there are 162 participants who have successfully  left comments to the post.  Because of the overwhelming response, I have decided to draw two names from the list.  I know that there was a glitch with Blogger and some people had problems with posting comments.  I am sorry I was not much help with that.

Finally, here are the draw results, two days late.

No 43 and no. 134 are

mamasquirrel said...
How inspiring! Need to start tatting again. they are lovely.
Claudia said...
hi again jon.. im claudia again.. dont know if my last comment was posted ,because have problems with the pc.. if it is repeated , just delete one.so.. it will be a pleasure to participate in your giveaway..thanks clau

14 July 2011

Book Giveaway

As I write this, the number of comments received for this giveaway has exceeded 100.  In view of the overwhelming interest and support shown for my tatting, and my book, and the craft of tatting in general, I think adding another book to the draw will not hurt at all.

What do you think?  Ha ha ... of course you'll like that.

I will now pick two names from the comments list to receive my latest book, Elegant Tatting Gems.

There are still a couple of 'Anonymous' comments that doesn't have a name or ID in it and I cannot approve them to be included in the list.
Also, if you have submitted comments earlier and they are not showing in the list under the blog, please submit again.  It appears that there is a problem with Blogger and some have trouble leaving comments, but after a few tries, manage to do it.  Miranda has given a tip to overcome this in her blog and it appears to solve the problem for some.

Important :  Submit your comment in the Elegant Tatting Gems and Giveaway post and NOT here to be in the draw.

The giveaway will be open until midnight if July 15th, GMT +8.  That leaves about 36 hours left (at this time of writing)   before I close it.

11 July 2011

Elegant Tatting Gems and Giveaway

That is the title of my new book which is out now.

This is my third book, and my second working on snowflakes.  Actually, if you have been following my blog, you may have guessed it from the posts that I had put up over the past year or so, when I wrote about colours in tatting, or from this Posy post. This Winter Wonderland post and the Rainbowflakes are dead giveaways, I think.

Diane, Marty, Josie, Bonnie and Denise have tested the patterns for me.  Thank you very much, Ladies.  I made  changes to to some of of the designs based on the comments and scans given by my testers.  These are the final 18 designs available in the book.

The approach that I have taken for this book is to come up with designs that uses the basic techniques of tatting, i.e. the double stitch, standard rings and chains, regular join and lock joins.  There are no split rings, split chains nor mock rings in any of the designs.  However, there are a couple of designs that are a bit more involved while still keeping to the basics.  But, I think I managed to put in enough twist and turns to make each one rather challenging.

I also wanted to come up with designs that can be tatted in one pass. I managed to do it for 14 out of 18 designs.

The patterns are both with detail instructions and charts.  Those that are made in two or more rounds can certainly be done in one pass by utilising split rings and split chains. You may have to change the starting point of the respective pattern if you wish to do this.

The details on how to order is given on this page in my blog.

To coincide with this new book, I will be giving away one printed copy of the book to one winner picked from comments made on this post only, with only one comment per person.  The winner will be picked through a random number generator

I will keep this giveaway open from 12th July until midnight of 15th July 2011 (GMT +8).  I have set my comments to be moderated, so you may not see your comments appearing immediately after you have posted it, but I will try to do the moderation often throughout the day.

Important note:  
I have received several comments from 'Anonymous'.  I can only accept such comments only if you add in a name that I can identify you with at the end of your comment.  These have been moderated and published in the comments list.  There are a couple of 'anonymous' comments that  do not contain any name.  I will not publish them at this time.  If you had submitted any comment under 'anonymous' and they are not in the comments list, please resubmit with your name (or online name) included.

This giveaway is now closed.  Thank you to all who have submitted their comments to be included in the draw.  I will be making the draw to pick two winners as soon as I posted this.