23 June 2014

Partial Doily & Motif and a New Project

This is where I finally decided to end with the doily from the book "New Tatting". There are a few more rounds to it, but I will not have enough thread to tat them all.  Thread used is Altin Basak, not a favourite thread for me to use for tatting.  I still need to block it properly.  This image is taken after I had it pressed under several thick books.

Pressed together with it is the motif below, also from the book New Tatting.  It also a partial pattern because I only tatted the frst four rows and added two rows of my own to use up the remainder of thread in the shuttles.

As for the new project, I started on Renulek's Summer Doily - only at the 4th row now.  Can't really say if it looks summery enough at this point.

17 June 2014

Interim Tatting

After completing the Spring Doily, I worked on another doily from a pattern in the book New Tatting.  After working on it for a number of rounds, I decided not to continue with it because I did not quite like the thread that I had used for it.  This is as far as I got with it - and it sure needs blocking to lay flat.
I did not have enough of the thread to add any more rounds to it, so I finished it off with a round of chains which is not in the original pattern. I used up what is left in the shuttle tatting another motif from the book.

I think, maybe, deep inside I really wanted to start on Renulek's Summer Doily and that the doily above was just an interim tatting.  I even picked out the threads that I plan to use.  I hope the colours are summery enough.

13 June 2014


The title has nothing at all with what I am writing about today.  Well, maybe a little.  This is a doily that I am currently tatting.  It is the Floral Bouquet Doily from the book New Tatting by Tomoko Morimoto and it looks like spiderweb to me.
Floral Bouquet Doily by Tomoko Morimoto from the book New Tatting
Most of the rounds are made out of chains, long and short ones. I showed another photo of this in my Facebook page and a tatter asked me how I manage to get my chains turning out right. I am not sure if I gave the correct answer for it.

Usually, I snug the double stitches right close and stop when I fell that they will not slide anymore.  I don't force them beyond that point.  I want to be able to see the form of each double stitch, and make out its 'legs'.

So, how do you keep your chains looking just right, not loose or bunched up together?

11 June 2014

The Spring Is Sprung

"Spring is sprung, the grass is riz.
I wonder where de boidie is.
De boid is on the wing, but dats absoid.
How can the boid be on the wing, the wing is on de boid."

- Anonymous

Except that it is already summer by the time I finished my Spring Doily. Here it is in different angles.

The doily, finished at 18 inches (46cm), is the largest item that I have tatted. I used Olympus thread throughout.  I usually end up giving my tatting away but this one is a keeper (for the moment, at least).