Partial Doily & Motif and a New Project

This is where I finally decided to end with the doily from the book "New Tatting". There are a few more rounds to it, but I will not have enough thread to tat them all.  Thread used is Altin Basak, not a favourite thread for me to use for tatting.  I still need to block it properly.  This image is taken after I had it pressed under several thick books.

Pressed together with it is the motif below, also from the book New Tatting.  It also a partial pattern because I only tatted the frst four rows and added two rows of my own to use up the remainder of thread in the shuttles.

As for the new project, I started on Renulek's Summer Doily - only at the 4th row now.  Can't really say if it looks summery enough at this point.


  1. Oooh! I love the palette!
    Fox : )

  2. You do such lovely work. I have started the summer doily also. I do not have a wide variety of thread as I am new(er) to tatting. I often wonder do tatter buy new thread or are these projects made with thread they have left over? I always see such lovely colors and variety.

  3. Your work is wonderful as always and I do like the summer doily, perhaps summer at the beach?

  4. I like your doily, it looks very pretty even without the final rounds.
    Lovely little mat too.
    I am sure the summer mat will look lovely and summery as you go on.
    As always your pieces of tatting look lovely

  5. The regions have a summer too, Jon! I like the color combination of your new summer doily.


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