16 March 2011

Merriment Doily

I chose the name Merriment because it is an easy and fun pattern to make.

I tatted the model in size 30 thread and the finished size is 11.5cm across or 4.5 inches.
At first glance, it appears that two shuttles are required. But, you can also do it with shuttle and ball. I wrote something about this in a much earlier post, here.

I started on another piece of this doily in two shades, solid and variegated, of size #40 thread. The finished size is 10cm across or 4 inches.
Thread used are Lizbeth #40, 623 solid and 127 variegated

The pattern

Begin with ring of R(4-2-2-4), reverse work (RW)
Chain, C(3-3-3-3), RW.
(*)R(4+[to past picot of pr ring]2-2-4), RW and C(3-2-2-3) FOUR times
Merriment Doily/Coaster Page 2
Designed by Jon Yusoff Nov 2010
R(4+[to last picot of pr ring]2-2-4), RW.
C(3-3-3-3), RW.
R(4+[to last picot pr ring]2-2+[to first picot of first ring]4). Do not reverse (DNR)
This completes a set of 8-rings cluster.
Switch shuttle (SS) and make chain C(4-6), DNR
SS, make a cloverleaf of R(6-3-3), R(3+[to last picot pr ring]2-1-1-2-3), and R(3+[to last picot pr
ring]3-6). DNR
(§)SS, C(6-4), DNR.
(**)(4-2-2-4), reverse work (RW)
Chain, C(3-3+[to middle picot of 3rd chain previously]3-3), RW.
Repeat step (*)
R(4+[to last picot of pr ring]2-2-4), RW.
C(3-3-3-3), RW.
R(4+[to last picot pr ring]2-2+[to first picot of first ring]4). Do not reverse (DNR)
Switch shuttle (SS) and make chain C(4-6), DNR
SS, R(6+[to picot of 3rd ring of pr cloverleaf] 3-3), R(3+[to last picot pr ring]2-1-1-2-3), R(3+[to
last picot pr ring]3-6). DNR
SS, C(6-4), DNR.
Repeat from (**) to make up 8 sets of the 8-rings cluster.
If working with shuttle and ball,
At step (§), make the chain C(4-6) with un-flipped double stitches.
Then RW, and make the cloverleaf.
RW again and make the chain C(6-4) with un-flipped double stitches.

4 March 2011

The Wedding Pt 2 & Singapore

Got all my material ready for the tatting to make the bunga rampai container to be used as part of the wedding gifts.

I made another design for the bunga rampai container.  This time I used a small cup/glass and designed an edging to surround the cup.

I tatted the same pattern for both green and purple but somehow it turned out differently when I place round the cup.  When I placed on the green one, it turned away from the cup.  Then I tatted the purple one and  place it on the cup it hugs the cup.  Now I am not sure which one looks better.  I plan to tat a smaller edging to place round the lip of the cup.  I don't have the design yet for it though, maybe I'll use the evergreen hen-and-chicks.

The thread that I will be using for this wedding project is Milford Mercer size 20 which I bought in Singapore.  I like the Milford thread because it is 6-ply. Over here, only the Cebelia has many colour choices, but thay are 3-ply and I don't really prefer tatting with 3-ply thread.  Getting the milford was not the only reason to go to Singapore, though.

Sheila, Jessica and me
I was not able to meet with Sheila when I was in the UK at the end of last year, even though I had planned to. As Sheila regularly visit Singapore, I decided to make the trip to meet her there when she wrote to say that she will be coming over. We agreed to meet in Spotlight, where I bought the Milfords.  As I also wanted to get some beads, Sheila suggested that we go to Arab Street for them.  That is where I got the green and purple beads.  I could have spent the whole day at Arab Street, if only for the beads and the findings and the notions, but that will have to be for another day.

From Arab Street we adjourned to Raffles Hotel for some tatting talk over tea.
Sheila and me at Raffles Hotel cafe chatting over tea
That was when Sheila brought out all the goodies.

Tatted hankie from Sheila
I received this pretty hankie from Sheila with tatted edging. Sheila then challenged me to produce something equal of her high quality work by giving me the pattern for the edging and a blank hankie.

Note: the tatting is not the edging for the hankie
Jessica showed a very pretty and delicate doily, about 10 inches wide, made with size 80 thread which I forgot to take a picture of.  I was ashamed to admit to both of them that I don't tat with size 80 much. Then there are these wonderful books by Pam Palmer.

Tatting Treats and Festive Elephants by Pam Palmer
That was one happy tatter who returned home that day, he he he ....

And happier still when, on the next day,  the postie delivered my pop-a-bobbin shuttle that I had ordered from Jane.  This one is in ebony.  This new pop-a-bobbin is slightly slimmer in size that the earlier one that I bought.  I like the new size better.