27 August 2017


No excuses for being silent for so long. Sorry.

Well, the last post was about my trip to Japan.  Since then, I have been to Norway, Sweden and Finland spending a good two weeks savoring the breath-taking views of the fjords, glaciers and  learning the histories of the respective countries. Tavelled by bus, train, plane and took the cruise ship across the Baltic Sea, where I had a wonderful view of the sunrise.

But, this post is not about the trip.

August is a special month for me and I want to share it with all my readers and followers.

This doily was designed in 2014 and I was keeping it for a good time to share it, .... and it slipped my mind until now.  I wrote a post about this doily asking for suggestion to name it. Kathy Nicklewicz suggested the name "Coquille". It is short and simple, which I like very much, hence the name. Thank you Kathy.

And the good news is I am sharing this pattern for free.
You can download this from Google drive through this link,

The chart does not show the stitch count for the chains in the last round.  I have missed that when I was preparing the chart.  So sorry about that.
The stich count for the chains are (3-3) except for the one leading to and coming out from the 3-rings clover. There the count is 3ds on each side of the clover.

Please, please, this is a free pattern.
You do not have to pay for it. 
There have been many posts about certain people taking free patterns and selling them.  I don't know which is worse, selling free patterns or sharing copyrighted patterns for free. Feels like it is stealing either way.

oops .. sorry ... venting a bit ....

Anyway,  you can sell anything that you make from this pattern, if you wish.

This is my first time sharing anything through Google Drive, so they may be hiccups along the way. If so, Please let me know and I will make corrections if I can. When it comes to computers,, I am not really tech-savvy, actually.