20 May 2013

4 of a kind

..... not quite .....

While browsing through some of Miss Norma Benporath's patterns in the Trove site, I came across this set of patterns.
Though, poker was not what Miss Benporath had in mind when she designed this.  I am not a cardplayer myself, but the designs are simple and easy enough that I just had to tat them.

If you want to tat them yourselves, the pattern was published on 15 February 1939 in the article New Linen for the Bridge Table.  All are tatted with shuttle-and-ball except for the 4-leaf clover in the centre of the diamond which is shuttle-only.

18 May 2013


I have been doing some blog housekeeping, which is long overdue, I must say.  I decided to merge my two tatting blogs together.

I created a different blog for my free patterns but I have been neglecting it for some time now.  I have been late in reading the comments left there, too.  Since there aren't that many posts in there, it would be easier for me to just manage one blog for all my tatting.  The patterns blog will be there for a while, but I will eventually delete it.

I have moved all the free patterns that were there before and placed them in different pages by category into this blog.  The categories are shown in the tabs right on top, below the blog header.

I have not gone through to check the links of the imported posts.  If you come across any broken link, please let me know and I will verify them again.

Thank you for supporting me and my tatting.  It has been a wonderful adventure thus far, and will continue to be so until my eyes or hands fail me.

11 May 2013

NB Edging from 8 April 1937 - revised.

I read Ladytats' comment to the earlier post and is reproduced here;

just curious, and looking at old pattern pictures is sometimes difficult, but I don't think that one set of rings in the picture are tre-foils.
On left side just above the corner is the clearest, and to me it looks like ring~ring~chain~Ring joined to prev row~ch~ring joined to previous row~ring~ch joined to prev ch and to previous ring~ch~ring~ring (which is back to the beginning of the repeat.)

I took a good look at the original picture and can see that there is a chain between the two rings that is joined to Row 2, but that part was missing from the instructions. Here is the original image which I downloaded from the site,

I tatted Row 3 again but made some changes to the stitch count in the chains.  I also added the missing link, but only guesstimated the stitch count since it was not given in the pattern.  

The one I tatted earlier is on the right, and the revised version is at the bottom.  I reduced the stitch count in the chains by 6ds, and added 9ds for the missing chain.  I also joined the 3rd chain to the 5th chain to make Row 3 a bit sturdier. I like it better this way.  

10 May 2013

NB Edging from 8 April 1937

This edging is from Norma Benporath was published on 8th April 1937 in The Queenslander.  It is another square edging, made up of three rows.

The first two rows worked out nicely, but the third row did not turn out as I would have liked, even though I had followed the pattern without making any changes to the stitch count.

The chains in Row 3 are overlapping each other, as you can see in this close-up photo.    I am not sure if blocking will straighten the chains out, but again, the overlaps could be what was intended with this design.

It is a beautiful design, but I prefer my tatting to lay as flat as possible.  If I were to tat this again, I may remove one of the chains and replace one of the rings with a split ring.

5 May 2013

NB Edging - corner done

Update on the re-working of the square edging by Norma Benporath from this Trove site, published in The Queenslander on 25th Feb 1937.

I have finished doing the corner as shown below.

In this edging, the corner is made up of a cloverleaf which is tatted through with the rest of the edging, and the flower motif is tatted later.  The corner flower motif appears a bit wobbly as it is, so I may consider suggesting that extra joins be made in the two additional chains on the left and right of it.

4 May 2013

NB Edging Part 2

This is the first repeat of the edging of the Norma Benporath pattern that I started in the previous post.

I was a bit confused when trying to determine the stitch count in the chains that form the 'stem' of the flower. Could not rely much on the picture either. This completes the first repeat of the edging.

Following the instructions, I am to cut the thread at this point and re-attach the thread at the middle picot of the last ring to begin the next repeat, as illustrated below.

I think you can guess what is screaming out to me -
"Split Rings"
Here is with two repeats done, with the split ring between the two.
Next is to do the corner.

3 May 2013

NB Edging from 1937

I have not worked on any Norma Benporath's pattern for quite a long while, so I thought I should tat another one.  I picked a simple one this time. This was published in The Queenslander on 27th February 1937.  There are three designs there, two edgings and a square motif.

I started with a few rings of the square edging, following exactly as the written instruction published.  It does not look at all like  the picture in the paper.
It is too early to make any conclusions, but I can see that there should be a DNR (do not reverse) when making the 2nd ring, which is not apparent in the instructions.

I am going off now and will continue later tonight.  I think this will turn out well.