Saturday, 18 May 2013


I have been doing some blog housekeeping, which is long overdue, I must say.  I decided to merge my two tatting blogs together.

I created a different blog for my free patterns but I have been neglecting it for some time now.  I have been late in reading the comments left there, too.  Since there aren't that many posts in there, it would be easier for me to just manage one blog for all my tatting.  The patterns blog will be there for a while, but I will eventually delete it.

I have moved all the free patterns that were there before and placed them in different pages by category into this blog.  The categories are shown in the tabs right on top, below the blog header.

I have not gone through to check the links of the imported posts.  If you come across any broken link, please let me know and I will verify them again.

Thank you for supporting me and my tatting.  It has been a wonderful adventure thus far, and will continue to be so until my eyes or hands fail me.


  1. Nice work on the blog, Jon! Much more convenient - I check stuff all the time on your blogs! This makes the search far easier.
    Fox : )

  2. Thank you Jon, I started to do this over a year ago, got distracted with something else and never finished moving everything. Now you have given me a nudge to get it done on my blog and remove the patterns blog. Thanks

  3. Great idea to combine everything where it's easy to find.

  4. I am new to tatting and enjoy your blog....

  5. Thank you for sharing ! I have all three of your books now and they are so fun to own. Not sure where I should start!


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