27 November 2013

Mystery Doily - Epilogue

I was so excited to share my finished Mystery Doily in the earlier post that I forgot to add a few details about it.  Even if I did, I may lose you attention mid-way because it will be a lengthy one.  So, here it is  now.

The Mystery Doily pattern is from here for the full length instructions by Vickie Reynolds or here for the diagrammatic form prepared by PattyD.
The threads used are Lizbeth size 40 in two colours; 127 for the multicoloured and 615 for the solid.  All rings are tatted using the multicoloured thread and all chains are in yellow.
The amount of thread used; almost three-quarters of a new ball of thread for the multi-coloured and half a ball for the solid.
The finished size is 10.25 inches or 26cm in diameter.

Now for a little bit more detail, but before that -
I am not finding fault in any of the two instructions available to tat this doily.  I am just sharing my observations when I compared Vickie's and Patty's version, in order to get the version that I am happy with.  You may or may not agree with me on this.

If you compare Vickie's and Patty's version, you will notice a difference in the stitch count for the chains; 4-4-4+4-4 in Vickie's and 4-2-4+2-4 in Patty's.  You can use either for the doily, I don't think there is much difference in the end result.  But for my Mystery Doily, I used both stitch count for the different rounds; Patty's version in rounds 1, 3 and 5, and Vickie's version in rounds 2, 4 and 6.


I noticed that my chains are being pushed up if I use 4-4-4+4-4 (Vickie's) in rounds 1, 3 and 5.  And conversely, I have to really stretch the chains if I use 4-2-4+2-4 (Patty's) in rounds 2, 4,. and 6 to avoid the bowling or cupping effect.

I also noticed a difference in the number of rings in the inner cluster for Round 4 (that are joined to Round 3); a 5 5 6 5 5 6 sequence in Patty's while Vickie's are all 6-rings cluster.  I decided to use Vickie's version for round 4 because that it what I see when I studied the picture of the doily given by Georgia in her website.

Other than these two main points, the rest of the doily was tatted as the pattern.

25 November 2013

The End

of the Mystery.

Here it is after I had washed it and laid it out to dry.  As it is, I did not have to block it at all.  After squeezing out the excess water, by rolling it between an absorbent towel, I just had to pull it into shape and leave it to dry.

This is with all the end trimmed off and all dry.  The measurement is 26cm across, or 10.25 inches using size 40 Lisbeth thread.

This is a close-up of a quadrant of the doily,

But the ending was not without some drama.  It took me four attempts to finally get the join of the final repeat.  I totally miss the join in the first attempt, and I joined to the wrong picot in the second attempt. At the third attempt, the joining picot ended up twisted.  I almost butchered the thread when un-tatting it after the third attempt.  Spent almost 30 minutes un-doing a lock join. Lesson learnt from this, the quality of thread is very important.  It would have broken off much earlier if I had used a 3-ply thread instead of the 6-ply Lizbeth.
I don't which is worse, butchering the thread or breaking the tip off the shuttle, as I had blogged here.  But, i managed to save the shuttle by carefully filing the broken tip.
If yo are wondering how long ago I started on this doily, this next photo gives the approximate date,
All in, I have spent more than 50 tatting hours on this Mystery Doily but it is worth every second of it, mistakes and all.