5 November 2016

Awards Nomination, Tatting and Crochet

I want to begin by thanking Craftree members for nominating my blog for the Craftree Awards 2016 in the best tatting blog category.  I feel so honoured to be shorlisted considering that all the other shortlisted nominees are of a higher standing than I am in the tatting world.

I have added a link in the left side-bar for you to vote for your favorite blog (not necessarily mine) and for all the other categories as well.  Please click on the banner and it will bring the page where you can enter your vote.  Voting is open to all and not limited to Craftree members.

I have progressed a bit with the JS Model 13 Doily since the last time I shared my status here.

I am still on Round VII of the doily with another four repeats to complete the round.
And the reason for the short time spent tatting are these -
Small drawstring pouches dec0rated with felt flowers to be filled with favors.
I tore an old sheet into 1in strips to make rag yarns,

and crocheted into a floor rug.

I crocheted a lap blanket using up yarns from my stash

A close-up of the rochet stitches
and lastly, I tried Tunisian crochet and found that I am enjoying it very much.  There are so many types of stitches that I want to try and experiment with.

I do have a tatting project planned that I want to start as soon as possible, if the crocheting is not distracting me from it.