16 January 2015

Close call with the RR Doily

Finish the 2nd stage of Pam's RR doily, with a very, very close call, I must say.

The 2nd part of the RR doily is made up of three rounds of chains.  I pulled what I felt was enough for the core thread for all three rows and started with CTM.  There is no need for tie-and-cut after each round. Things got frantic as a approach the last few repeats in the last row with only about four inches of thread left on the shuttle.

After tatting the last repeat, there is only just under two inches of thread left.  I usually sew in my ends, and that much of thread will not be enough to sew in.  Had to resort to the other method of hiding ends, the magic thread.  I don't use this much but it is good to know for cases such as this.

This is the state of the RR doily afer stage 2. One end hidden with magic thread and the other (ball thread) sewn in.

Here are a couple of links for an explanation of the magic thread method,

15 January 2015

Time to tackle the Cluny

I have not actually attempted cluny tatting (or leaf tatting) before.  No, that is not right.  I did it once before, just once a long time ago, learning ot through the Online Tatting Class. I thought I had a picture of it somewhere - now I couldn't find it.  Maybe I did that before I started blogging.  Oh, nevermind.

Anyway, it is about time that I make a serious attempt of learning it ang there is no better way than to do a project that requires it.  I had this pattern for a doily printed then but had put it away.  It surfaced one day, which is another reason for this sudden urge to try the cluny again.

The pattern is Pam's Round Robin Doily available online  from Mimi Dilman's website,

I started on the frst round with a size 20 thread which happens to be what I already have on the shuttle. Here is a icture of the first round,

I was very happy with it but realised that I made a mistake in the long chain when I wanted to join the 2nd round to it.  I misread the pattern and was short of one picot in all the long chains.  Could not do much with this, but it does make a neat little motif on its own so I'll keep it for when I have a use for it later.

After finishing a project with size 60, somehow size 20 doesn't feel so nice anymore.  So, I decided to use a size 40 thread for the second attempt, since I have a lot in that size.  The colour is bright yellow, though it may not look so in this photo.

The next three rounds are all chains, so I may be able to post a photo of that soon.

9 January 2015

Done and Drawn

My Jan Stawasz doily is finally done,

Jan Stawasz Doily XIII from his book Tatting Patterns
Thread : Milford mercer # 60
Size: 39 cm
It took me just under six months to finish.  That may sound quite a long time to finish a doily, or maybe not, but there were frequent breaks in between. I did bring it with me on my holiday to Spain in November last year and managed to add some additional rounds to it.

This is a close-up of the doily,

The piece lay out quite reasonably well - I did not really need to block it.  Instead, I lightly press it with a steam iron and shape it as I go.

Oh, as you know, I was worried that I may not have enough thread to finish this. Well, this is how much of the thread left at the end of this project.

Okay, the result of the draw that most of you are waiting for. From the 37 names in the list, Happy-Kat came up tops. Congratulations Happy-Kat

Happy-Kat, I do not have any way of e-mailing you to let you know beforehand of your win. Please e-mail me your particulars within the next few days.  If I do not receive anything from you by Monday (12th Jan 2015), I will make another drawing.  I hope you understand.

Right, now I have to start putting some things together ...

3 January 2015

New Year, Old Tatting,

This is what I am currently working on (posted earlier on my FB),  a Jan Stawasz doily from one of his books. I thought I can finish it by the new year and show you the completed piece, but other things got into my plans. The pic below is as it was at the penultimate round.

I have progressed a bit since then and started on the final round. This final round sort of ties up the loose motifs of the previous round.

What I am worried about now is the amount of thread left in the ball and the shuttle.  I think (hope) there is enough so that I don't have to buy a new ball just to finish a few repeats.  We'll see how it goes.

And, as for the new year .....

I could not say that it was a happy one for 2014.  So many things has happened that affected the nation, with the loss of two airplanes (one shot down and one still missing) in a space of a few months.  There were also the natural disasters - landslides in the highlands and flooding in several states.  Several areas are still innundated at the time of this post, while the water has receeded in other parts.  It is a long road to recovery and that will be a major part of 2015.

So will it be a Happy New Year 2015?

Well, why not!  There is no knowing what 2015 holds.  They say, good things come out from calamities.  People grew closer and differences can disappear, if everyone try their damnedest. I still have faith in people.

The giveaway below has ended.

Enough of the ramblings ....If you reach this far, this is the first good news of 2015.

I feel like celebrating this new year with a "blind" giveaway.  Yes, "blind".  That means, you won't know what I will be giving away.  Well, I don't even know what I will be giving away (not yet anyway)!

So, if you have faith in me, and want to try your luck, leave a comment and your name will be included in the draw. Closing date is 7th January and I will pick a name at random soon after that.