30 August 2011

Celebrations 3X

Eid Mubarak to my Muslim friends.  

May the month of Ramadhan that has passed been a month of fulfillment for the body and soul, and we emerge a better person from it.

And by coincidence,  today is also my birthday! he he he . . . .

The third reason for the celebration is for all Malaysians, Happy Merdeka Day on 31st August.  This year is the 54th year of independence for Malaysia.

This being a blog on tatting, I will leave you with a picture of the completed tatted star that I started a few posts previously.
Tatted in size 20 Yarnplayer's Fuchsia HDT.
The finished size of the star, point to point across, is about 20cm or 8 inches

23 August 2011

Right on time

Continuing from here,
. . . .  I used up almost all of one skein of the Yarnplayer's HDT early today with just under 3m left in the thread holder.  All in, one skein is enough for 10 motifs and I needed 12 pieces to complete the star-shape.

Realising earlier that I will not have enough to complete the project, I ordered another skein of the thread from the Yarnplayer, and right on cue, it arrived today.   I also bought her Sue's blues with the second order, he he he . . . . just can't resist it.

Another idea just came to me, utilising this triangle motif.  I already made a bookmark with this triangle, as in the previous post  . . .  Until next time!

I will stop at the star-shape.  Now, I am wondering . . .  should I just leave it as it is, when completed, or should I add a round of edging on the outside to hold everything together?

17 August 2011

Time flies

I have to admit this .... I get easily distracted.  While tatting this, as posted earlier, an idea popped into my head, and I made these.

(excuse the blurry picture) 

Not sure how to describe these.  They are bookmarks and they look like kites, so let's just call them Kites bookmark.  For the tails, I made single-shuttle split rings.  Instead of a tassel at the end I attached a charm.
The one on the left is made with a HDT given to me by Zarina and the one on the right is  Lizbeth HDT Leafy Green, size 40.

Now you know why I don't have large tatting items shown in my blog.  With all the distractions, I never get to finish them ... he he he.

15 August 2011

Half and not quite half done

This is a shot of the full moon that I took early this morning.  That means Ramadhan has reached the half-way mark and there are 15 more days of fasting left.

Time seems to fly very fast as we get older, don't you think so?

The same can be said when I am tatting.  Before I realised it, I had been tatting for hours but not much to show for it.  Here is what my shuttle is turning out at the moment.
The thread used is Yarnplayer's Fuchsia HDT in size 20. The finished piece will be bigger than this but the amount of thread left will not be enough for me to complete the project.  Luckily, Yarnplayer had another skein of the same thread listed in her shop which I was able to purchase.

However, don't hold your breath to see the finished piece, :)