Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Time flies

I have to admit this .... I get easily distracted.  While tatting this, as posted earlier, an idea popped into my head, and I made these.

(excuse the blurry picture) 

Not sure how to describe these.  They are bookmarks and they look like kites, so let's just call them Kites bookmark.  For the tails, I made single-shuttle split rings.  Instead of a tassel at the end I attached a charm.
The one on the left is made with a HDT given to me by Zarina and the one on the right is  Lizbeth HDT Leafy Green, size 40.

Now you know why I don't have large tatting items shown in my blog.  With all the distractions, I never get to finish them ... he he he.


  1. Cute! They really do look like kites.

  2. I love them! You are so talented!

  3. Too bad the picture is blurry but bring them next time we meet up. I just love to see the HDT in action.

  4. Both bookmarks are beautiful, Jon! I like the idea of putting charms on the end. Sigh... another idea, and not enough time! : )

  5. They are gorgeous and I like the title kite bookmarks, yes they really do look like kites, well done with your idea.

  6. This is a very pretty tatted 'triangle' motif - a perfect shape that can be joined together endlessly to make a larger and larger 'fabric'; but even this 2-triangle 'Kite" shape makes a lovely bookmark. The split ring tail and the charms are very effective, too!

  7. Gorgeous, Jon! Love those kites (bookmarks)!

  8. hi jon!! really nice your kites bookmarks!!!


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