1 September 2014


All other projects are on hold at this time.  I have to tat about 120 pieces of these small flowers in and I have about two weeks to do it. Luckily, for what these flowers are intended, it does not require hiding the ends.  That should save me some time.

I am trying out my new Clover shuttle, the latest one that comes in milk and chocolate colours.  Clovers are my favorites if I want to get things done fast, so it works just fine for me.

This is the chart for the flower.

The full pattern is, with shuttle and ball -
Ring (4-7-7-4), RW.
Chain (3), RW
Ring (4+7-7-4), RW
Repeat chain and ring to complete the flower.
The last join of the rings will require a folded join.

It is a basic shuttle and ball pattern, but since the chains are very short in between the rings, I am only using the shuttle with a little bit of finger tatting for the chain.
What I do is to start the ring with a tail of about 22cm of thread, pulled out from the shuttle.  I tat the first rings, but I do not reverse work.  Instead, I used the tail at the beginning and finger tat the chain by wrapping the double stitches over the core thread.

Easy easy, :)