Monday, 15 August 2011

Half and not quite half done

This is a shot of the full moon that I took early this morning.  That means Ramadhan has reached the half-way mark and there are 15 more days of fasting left.

Time seems to fly very fast as we get older, don't you think so?

The same can be said when I am tatting.  Before I realised it, I had been tatting for hours but not much to show for it.  Here is what my shuttle is turning out at the moment.
The thread used is Yarnplayer's Fuchsia HDT in size 20. The finished piece will be bigger than this but the amount of thread left will not be enough for me to complete the project.  Luckily, Yarnplayer had another skein of the same thread listed in her shop which I was able to purchase.

However, don't hold your breath to see the finished piece, :)


  1. it is still pretty, even if not finished. glad you were able to find another skein.

  2. That color is very striking, and it shows off the pattern really well!

  3. They say time flies when you are enjoying yourself. The tatting looks lovely cant wait to see it finished.


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