Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Right on time

Continuing from here,
. . . .  I used up almost all of one skein of the Yarnplayer's HDT early today with just under 3m left in the thread holder.  All in, one skein is enough for 10 motifs and I needed 12 pieces to complete the star-shape.

Realising earlier that I will not have enough to complete the project, I ordered another skein of the thread from the Yarnplayer, and right on cue, it arrived today.   I also bought her Sue's blues with the second order, he he he . . . . just can't resist it.

Another idea just came to me, utilising this triangle motif.  I already made a bookmark with this triangle, as in the previous post  . . .  Until next time!

I will stop at the star-shape.  Now, I am wondering . . .  should I just leave it as it is, when completed, or should I add a round of edging on the outside to hold everything together?


  1. Good to know! Your star is so beautiful. I'm glad you'll have enough to finish.

  2. It has just dawned on me that the basic triangle is your own design! I really love the lacy look it creates as a 'fabric'. It appears you have found the perfect triangle proportions, as you could keep going and going, inserting triangles, and the 'fabric' would lie flat! (I notice on the 'kite bookmarks' that you added picots on the outer edges.) A very versatile motif!! And lovely thread, as usual, from Marilee!

    (I can't help but see a tulip in there, with three points! )

  3. isn't it amazing? the triangle motif looks one way as a single motif, combined to make a book mark yet another view ~a diamond, and now, set together like this, you see a totally different view, and yet the negative spaces do not look like a bunch of triangle set together, you see rays around a center, what an amazing thing is tatting.

  4. Whew! I'm so glad it arrived just in time!

  5. Thank you, Yarnplayer.

    Kathy, try to visualise this in different colours for the triangles, arranged in a creative way.....
    And you are right. A tulip shape can be formed with seven triangles.

    Ladytats, it does play tricks on your eye.

    Diane, I know I can depend of Yarnplayer's good service.

  6. Beautiful design, Jon, and so many ways to use it.

  7. Beautiful, lovely colour of blue thread, looking forward to seeing what you do with it.


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