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Sunday, 5 May 2013

NB Edging - corner done

Update on the re-working of the square edging by Norma Benporath from this Trove site, published in The Queenslander on 25th Feb 1937.

I have finished doing the corner as shown below.

In this edging, the corner is made up of a cloverleaf which is tatted through with the rest of the edging, and the flower motif is tatted later.  The corner flower motif appears a bit wobbly as it is, so I may consider suggesting that extra joins be made in the two additional chains on the left and right of it.


  1. It looks very nice! Not everyone can manage split rings to look like regular rings but yours are perfect!

  2. very interesting Jon, I like the looks of it.

    1. Yes, Ladytats, it turned out quite beautiful. I may want to actually tat it fully and use the edging on something.

  3. Fabulous pattern, and gorgeous tatting!

  4. Yes I agree a couple of extra joins between the flowers and the corner flower would hold it in place.
    Lovely design

    1. That is right Margaret. I may also add another join in each of the left and right ring of the clovers because the picots are overlapping there as it is now.

  5. Hi Jon ( testing comments...)

    You have done a terrific job with the edging and I am so tempted to use it, BUT knowing me, I will run out of thread with it, unless I have a big ball at hand. This looks as if it will take a lot of thread.

    Hope you are well. I love the new look of your site.
    Fox : )
    ( seems to be working!)


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