Saturday, 11 May 2013

NB Edging from 8 April 1937 - revised.

I read Ladytats' comment to the earlier post and is reproduced here;

just curious, and looking at old pattern pictures is sometimes difficult, but I don't think that one set of rings in the picture are tre-foils.
On left side just above the corner is the clearest, and to me it looks like ring~ring~chain~Ring joined to prev row~ch~ring joined to previous row~ring~ch joined to prev ch and to previous ring~ch~ring~ring (which is back to the beginning of the repeat.)

I took a good look at the original picture and can see that there is a chain between the two rings that is joined to Row 2, but that part was missing from the instructions. Here is the original image which I downloaded from the site,

I tatted Row 3 again but made some changes to the stitch count in the chains.  I also added the missing link, but only guesstimated the stitch count since it was not given in the pattern.  

The one I tatted earlier is on the right, and the revised version is at the bottom.  I reduced the stitch count in the chains by 6ds, and added 9ds for the missing chain.  I also joined the 3rd chain to the 5th chain to make Row 3 a bit sturdier. I like it better this way.  


  1. Yes I can see where the chain is, It's not a very clear picture but you are doing wonders working it out.
    It's a very pretty edging.

  2. I've been too caught up in hurrying through posts to pay really close attention to pictures. I like the changes you've made to the pattern. I wonder if mistakes were made by the printer when copying the patterns? I'm guessing that proof reading was not done by a tatter!


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