The title has nothing at all with what I am writing about today.  Well, maybe a little.  This is a doily that I am currently tatting.  It is the Floral Bouquet Doily from the book New Tatting by Tomoko Morimoto and it looks like spiderweb to me.
Floral Bouquet Doily by Tomoko Morimoto from the book New Tatting
Most of the rounds are made out of chains, long and short ones. I showed another photo of this in my Facebook page and a tatter asked me how I manage to get my chains turning out right. I am not sure if I gave the correct answer for it.

Usually, I snug the double stitches right close and stop when I fell that they will not slide anymore.  I don't force them beyond that point.  I want to be able to see the form of each double stitch, and make out its 'legs'.

So, how do you keep your chains looking just right, not loose or bunched up together?


  1. I agree, snug but not to tight, but I find using 2 shuttles instead of shuttle and ball helps them lay flat.
    This is beautiful pattern and nice colors too!

  2. My chains never seem to be the same length, no matter what I do! I'll be interested to read responses to this post!

  3. Beautiful doily and color. I try and do the same as you - slide the stitches up close but try not to force. I am getting better with this technique and my chains are looking nicer in tension.

  4. Practice, too. But, yeah, definitely more consistent results using two shuttles. I know it's older practice to use shuttle/ball, but there are many, many modern techniques you can't do that way. My ex-stepfather's mom would always give me grief about using two shuttles (she thought it was wasteful.)

  5. Those long chains are not easy - good job.

  6. Love the doily, it reminds me of Teiko Fujito's patterns. Did I read somewhere that Teiko Fujito is her mother?

    For chains, I've found that looser tension is better, so I've been pulling mine only slightly. I stop when a curve is formed. It does cause a bit of problems when designing, because most tatters pull their chains tighter than I do. If you'd like to read more you can click on my name to find my blog, and go to my May 12 post.

    1. Yes, she is Teiko Fujito's daughter. It is mentioned in the book.

  7. Yes, the way you describe it is exactly what I do. On a long chain, I do it every few stitches, and again at the end. On a shorter chain, I might just do it at the end.

  8. I still have trouble getting 'long' chains to look just right sometimes. Yours look lovely, and the color is pretty, too.

  9. Your chains look very good to me! I do exactly as you do, but often they are not identical. - as they are supposed to be. Wish I knew the trick!
    Fox : )

  10. Same as you, snugged up but no forcing. Beautiful work!

  11. It is gorgeous :). As for the tatted chain, I'm still trying to get them to look consistent/even :).

  12. There is certainly a technique to getting chains just right and found that in Renulek's doily it was crucial to make sure they were not too loose.
    Yes the floral bouquet doily does look like a spiders web but it is very pretty.

  13. Beautiful pattern, love the colour of your thread,
    I try to make my chains tight but not too tight that they look tight, does that make sense and not loose, if they are too loose they flop about, and long chains can twist too if they are too loose.
    I think your answer was very well put, I hope she understood.


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