Wednesday, 23 August 2006

My first Tat-along

I have created three variations of the base motif provided by NeedleDreams in her tat-along initiative. They are simple ones done using the techniques SCMR, split rings and long picots. I am aiming to have motifs that can be completed in one round.

I wonder if I can use the same ones to count for the 25-motif challenge?


  1. Of course you can use the motives you tat from the Tat-Along site for the 25 Motif Challenge. The challenge is to tat 25 motives within the next year. They can be from a book, from the internet, or created from your own fertile imagination. I've already added your link to the challenge page. It's too late to turn back now :-)

  2. How in the world did you keep all those long picots from tangling?

  3. That's right Sharon, no turning back now. I will be coming out with my challenge targets very soon.

    As for the long picots, I did them very, very slowly. Had to back up a few times because I pulled the wrong picot at the wrong join. It helped that I drew a chart marking out which picots are long and which are short. I also marked out on the diagram which picot to go where, and where I should have a picot and where I should be making a join.


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