Thursday, 31 August 2006

No. 5/25 - 2nd of the five bookmarks

Completed another bookmark, this time in green and white. Again the SLT is very much used here, in order for the rings to be correctly paired to the correct colours.

The outer rows are overlapping chains. I had a lot of 'twisty & tangly' time doing the edging, what with trying to manage two shuttle and two balls of thread at the same time. After a while I found the rhythm and the going became smoother from then on.

Now, I can't decide whether to give this one away as the prize, or the one made earlier (no. 3/25)


  1. Hiya,

    Lovely bookmark there, very intricate! Don't know about all those jargons like SLT, overlapping chains...beyond me! :D 2 balls & 2 shuttles?? Intense!

    To your question on my blog, it's gonna be different motives, most smaller than the one I just made. I've gotta to make them all and only then I can place them randomly on the shawl. I might have to make some very small motives as fillers but that's gonna be easy.

  2. Hi Jon,
    It is a verry nice bookmark, special the colors together.
    I have a tip if you make a new one. Wind CTM two shuttles with color 1 and 2 shuttles CTM. When you start tatting put a sweatband on your left wrist put the shuttles you don, need at that moment under the sweatband so no problem of twisted shuttles, when you need the other shuttles just switch.
    I hope you understand what I try to explane.
    lots of succes with your tatting

  3. Thank you Reit, for your tip. I do plan to make another one but with slightly different design, and I'll do it the way you suggested.

  4. This bookmark is now in yours truly hand as a present for being the first to sign up as a member of MY ShuttlesandNeedles. I am so pleased and grateful, Faizon.


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