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Sunday, 28 January 2007

No 23/25 - Final Bookmark

This is the last of the five bookmarks that I have 'pledged' to make for the challenge. It was made with split rings and woven long picots throughout.

I have given this bookmark away to a marvelous friend ..... in my effort to get her to tat ..... "Yeah, right! " - I know she reads my page here and can just hear her saying that!

At the beginning of the challenge, I had decided to make 5 types of tatted items:

1) Medallion or Round motifs - 1/25, 2/25, 7/25, 18/25 and 20/25 - DONE.

2) Snowflake or Star - 9/25, 11/25, 13/25, 14/25 and 21/25 - DONE.

3) Hearts - 4/25, 8/25, 12/25, 17/25 and 22/25 - DONE

4) Bookmarks - 3/25, 5/25, 10/25, 16/25 and 23/25 - DONE

5) Small Doilies - 6/25, 15/25, 19/25

Now, two more to go! I hope I can have both done by end of February. Have a design for one of them in mind already. Just neeed to get the shuttles wound up for it.

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  1. Just marvellous! Lively colours too. Nik is one lucky gal ;)

    I see you're going to wrap up the challenge, I am still trailing behind :( I suppose I should consider putting down my needle and taking up the shuttle more often ;)


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