Tuesday, 2 January 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR ... and some new designs

Happy New Year to everyone, wishing that it will be a happy and prosperous one with lots of tatting and all kinds of crafts to cheer us along!

I have been working on two designs for the challenge - both are round motifs. If you think that the shape is not quite round, you are right. I didn't finish the last round because I ran out of thread in one of the shuttles for both motifs. I did not continue working on them because I can't see yet where I am going with them.

Motif 1 is made with two strands of DMC embroidery cotton, in two colours, ecru and a shade of pink.

Motif 2 below, was made in size 40 Twilleys.

I'm interested to know what you think about them. I plan to make them again when I have a better idea for the designs.


  1. The pink is so sweet especially when mixed with ecru. Very adventurous of you using Article 117 for tatting. The colour choices are abound :)

  2. I like the idea of using 2 shades of color together; I will have to try that soon. Motif #1 has an overall texture, but not really a design "focal point"...I don't know how else to say what I'm trying to convey. As far as design goes, I like motif #2 better...just my personal reaction. They are both beautiful pieces of work!

  3. Thank Barbara and Marilee.

    I was having the same thoughts about it not having a focal point (motif 1), that's why I did not continue with it. Have to think (and visual) some more before doing it again.


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