Tuesday, 16 January 2007

A Heart with Daisy Picot Centre

This is my first attempt of the heart that I mentioned earlier, .... that I wanted to make with a daisy picot in it.

Well, .... right now the shape is more like an apple rather than a heart. The daisy picot at the top looks okay enough for me. It is the one at the tip that doesn't seem right. And I think I should remove two split rings, one on each side. And maybe, not have the daisy at the tip at all, or have it turned the other way.
Okay, .... I'll have a go at it again and put another pic when I am happy with it.

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  1. Jon I really like this heart with the daisy picots. I hope you will post more pictures are you play with it some and maybe a pattern? I was just looking at the two hearts I made from one of your earlier patterns and thinking how pretty they were!


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