Friday, 12 January 2007

No. 20/25 - Another Chinese Coin Motif

I am feeling so good inside. Someone in the family is showing an interest in crafts. My daughter asked me to teach her how to crochet. That is what I have been doing the past few weeks. We are starting by making a small bag. It is not that difficult because it will be just a rectangular shape made up of rows and rows of half-double-crochet. Asked her whether she wants to learn tatting - she said she is not ready for tatting yet.

I started of the first row for her and she continued with the subsequent rows after that. She came back to me at the end of each row because she hasn't managed to jump to the next row yet, even after I have shown her a few times. Then, she wants a row of flowers crochetted on the lower part of the bag - she can be very demanding, this girl of mine. Have to go and figure out how to make them flowers.
In between I made this motif. This is a remake of the motif that I used for the Chinese Coin bookmark that I posted earlier (motif 16/25 - Nov 15th 06). I wanted to see how it will look with some decorative picots in it. I think it looks quite alright.
Starting to work on another heart motif. Have the picture in mind already - something with daisy picots in it, but yet to actually tat it out.


  1. Unusual and attractive design, nicely enhanced by the picot placement, I think.

  2. That pink is so sweet and coin design quite innovative.

    It's nice when someone (especially your own daughter) wants to learn the craft from you. It's quite flaterring really!


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